Charity fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital – Aikidomarathon

Dear all,

I am raising funds for the Children’s hospital ( next Saturday 20/10. That day, I’ll be training in aikido for 14 hours, with only 5 minute break every hour; we’ll be starting at 7am and finish at 9pm, we have termed this the “Aikidomarathon.”

I have set up a webpage ( on which you can donate if you think this endeavour is crazy enough or if you want to support the work the Children’s Hospital carries out. Why not donate £1 for every hour I do 😉

We also have a Facebook page:!/events/196154627186044/

Thanks for your help!


PS: we welcome beginners, so if you want to take up this aikidomarathon challenge, speak to me in the locker room! ;-)))

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