Festival of the Mind – volunteers?

Most of you are probably aware already of the Festival of the Mind, happening in Sheffield soon (http://festivalofthemind.group.shef.ac.uk/).

We (the lab) are running two events on Researcher’s Night (Friday 28th Sept).
I’ll be helping out on Kids’ Labs, in the B1 teaching labs, where we will be extracting our own DNA and playing Genome Top Trumps.

Andy will be showcasing research in the TABLAB as part of the Department’s Research Demonstrations.

It is likely that both of us would benefit from some helpers, so please get in touch if interestesd.  Even if you cannot help out on the night, I’m keen to trail a fruit juice/washing-up liquid/salt method of DNA extraction and it would be great to get some volunteers for that. I’d like to try it out at 2.30 PM on Thursday. Meet in the locker room if you want to give it a go.


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