please help us find people who have pursued a non-academic career!

Dear all,

I am writing to please ask if you can help us find people who have previously worked in the department (including postdocs, PhD students, faculty, fellows, research staff etc) and are now pursuing a non-academic career.

We are hoping to organise a seminar for postdocs, as part of our training and development program, to highlight possible alternative career paths outside academia.

We plan to have 2 or 3 speakers briefly outlining their career path, but would also like to send a short questionnaire to as many people as possible (including those that may have moved away from Sheffield or the UK), so that we can present a short summary of other career options that may be available, the reasons people have left academia, and any advice they can give about career decisions.

We very much appreciate any help you can give!

Best wishes,

Anna Santure (

APS Postdoc Society Training Officer

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