Lab computers

Hi All,

 I’ve updated R on all 4 mol ecol lab analysis (genemapper) computers to the latest version 2.8.0, for the AFLP course next week. Although I’ve deleted all short-cuts and quick-launches to earlier versions of R, these remain with their libraries of packages. You just need to browse to the earlier version of R to use it.

Please avoid editting the AFLP default plot settings (and other default AFLP settings) on genemapper until after the end of next week, so that the computers can be synchronised for the AFLP course. You can make your own table/plot settings with your own name if this causes a problem.

 Please check the projects you hold on genemapper on the lab computers. For at least one computer (the second from left) the genemapper database is full, making it difficult to add new projects. Please archive any projects that are old, or not in current use, and then delete these from the database(s)

Finally, all four of the lab computers will be in use for the AFLP course on the following dates and times:

Weds 10th December 1600 – 1730

Thursday 11th December 1430 – 1730

Friday 12th December 0930 – 1300

Please plan your use of the lab computers accordingly, as you will not be able to use them at these dates/times



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