landscape genetics papers

These papers spotted by Oryl and Filipa might be interesting –

Landguth EL, Fedy B, Garey A, Mumma M, Emel S, Oyler-McCance S, Cushman SA, Wagner HH, Fortin MJ (2011) Effects of sample size, number of markers, and allelic richness on the detection of spatial genetic pattern. Molecular Ecology Resources,

Balkenhol N, Landguth EL (2011) Simulation modeling in landscape genetics: on the need to go further, Molecular Ecology, 20, 667-670.

PDFs and lots more interesting papers available from Montanas Computational Ecology Lab =

Statistical Power of loci for population structure: Ryman et al (2006) Power for detecting genetic divergence: differences between statistical methods and marker loci. Molecular Ecology, 15, 2031-2045

Corrections for multiple tests: Verhoeven et al (2205) Implementing false discovery rate control: increasing your power. Oikos, 108, 643-647

Null Alleles: Chapuis et al (2008) Do outbreaks affect genetic population structure? A worldwide survey in Locusta migratoria, a pest plagued by microsatellite null alleles. MOlecular Ecology, 17, 3640-3653

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  1. There was also an issue of Molecular Ecology devoted to Landscape Genetics last summer:

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