Join the APS postdoc and early career society!

We are aiming to formally organize APS postdocs and early career scientists in a post-doc society.

The benefits of joining a post-doc society are, next to socialisation, that we can find collaborators, exchange ideas with each other about job opportunities, manuscript and grant writing, commiserate about our workloads, etc….

Also, if you join, you’ll be kept in touch with

– social events to encourage interactions across the department (wine evenings, coffee and cake…)

– training opportunities, including notices about the fantastic Faculty of Science training and development programme:

– seminars, talks and workshops that you may enjoy

We also hope that with an APS early careers and postdoc society in the department, we will have a stronger voice in the department – for example, at the moment postdocs aren’t always considered as “staff” because most of us are on 2-3 year contracts.

To begin with, please sign yourself up to the APS post-doc and early career Uspace group! You’ll be free to send emails to the group (anything you think might be of interest), and you can either opt to receive emails or to login to the group (with your usual Sheffield username and password) to read them when it suits.

Thanks and (hopefully!) welcome to the group!

To join, follow this link:

login with your username and password, and click “join this group” on the right hand side of the page

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