Friday August 5th, 1pm
Lecture Theatre, Department of Psychology

Rat roulette: when you play games with rats, the results are not always predictable

Dr Carolyn M King
Dept Biological Sciences, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

Two recent projects based at Waikato University have looked at some very old questions about rats. First, we asked why, after we had just spent a lot of time removing rats from isolated fragments of forest supporting native species, the rats were back again within a month. Was it only that we missed some, or could they have reappeared from outside, and if so, from how far away? Second, we asked why is it that the common rat in New Zealand forests now is the ship rat, even though the Norway rat got there first, whereas in Britain the ship rat arrived first and has since been replaced by the Norway rat? Both projects have produced some surprising results.

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