DNA/RNA/Bacteria dry storage?

Hi all- I am tentatively looking into DNA etc. dry storage products in conjunction with the Faculty of Science as part of their energy reduction plan. There are a few technologies but please have a look at one link re. DNA/RNA/bacterial dry storage (based on natural anhydrobiosis- used by brine shrimps and tardigrades which can resist dessication for over 100 years). If one can believe it the data looks very good and as good as -20 degrees storage.


Benefits?-  reduce freezer space for long-term storage samples? Safer- no freezer breakdowns? Cheaper? Better for the Environment- reduce the university’s carbon footprint? Easier to send around the world-no dry ice? 

Negatives?- Dry? new/emerging technology? incompatibility with downstream applications? Does it really work? reluctance to convince people it is OK? 

Comments would be really welcome- thanks


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