…we have the A-floor freezer rooms back ūüôā so¬†we can try and continue with the task of consolidating/reducing/stocktaking our samples (this will apply to all freezers -20 and -80’s).

We can bring some stuff back from¬†the Annexe¬†but I have been strictly¬†told by Estates that we can only fill them about half full.¬†We can take this opportunity to check the items held and decide if the stuff held is needed or not (supervisor advice will be needed in some cases). And properly recording and archiving those we¬†keep. ¬†I feel that the large boxes are not efficient so will find some smaller boxes for those ‘smaller projects’.

If you want to move your box back give me a shout…if not¬†prepare to be asked¬†at some point to help ūüôā



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