Parentage talks & protocols

The parentage talks by Anna Santure (Colony) and Hannah Dugdale (Cervus and MasterBayes) are available on lightwood at:

\\Lightwood\aps\BO\TAB\bo4smgf\Mol Ecol Course\Parentage workshop Apr 2011

You can find PDFs of many of the papers mentioned in these talks at:

\\Lightwood\aps\BO\TAB\NBAF centre\Mol Ecol Course\Mol Ecol Course presentations and handouts\Pdfs of refs for data presentation talk

The NBAF_S parentage analysis protocol is also located at (NB: this is a draft version – please report any typos/corrections etc to NBAF-S staff so that this can be corrected for future visitors):


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  1. Note all the pdfs are also available via the bo4smgf folder (the NBAF folder isnt available for public access)

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