Postdoc training *****How to be an effective researcher******

Message from Sandrine Soubes x24220;

We are continuing the series of Professional Development workshops for Postdocs in the Faculty of Science (also open to researchers in engineering and medicine faculties)

This workshop will be held on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th May. For booking, see webpage:

This workshop is an excellent professional development opportunity for Postdocs. We have run this Vitae developed programme over the last two years and have obtained excellent feedback each time.

The workshop is an ideal opportunity for Postdoctoral researchers to meet with other researchers from across the University. It enables Postdocs to consider how they could:
* improve how they plan and prioritise their work
* develop additional skills to manage their project
* consider the steps they need to take to develop their research independence
* become aware of the skills required to manage other researchers or the communication skills needed for    effective project delivery and collaborations.

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