Evolution and Behaviour talk – Luisa Orsini, University of Leuven

Message from Julia Reger: I just wanted to bring to your attention this week’s Evolution and Behaviour seminar.
Thursday 31st March at 1305 BLT 2.
Luisa Orsini from the University of Leuven will give a talk titled:

Genomic signatures of selection in a geographical mosaic of environmental stressors.

Louisa’s work covers evolutionary genetics, ecology and conservation biology. Her main research is the study of genetic diversity combined with spatial explicit analysis of demographic processes, with the aim of providing a mechanistic understanding of the genetic processes underpinning population dynamics. Complementary to this line of research she also examines how species colonize new ecosystems, investigating the main forces underpinning their adaptation to new environments. She currently works with Luc De Meester in Leuven (http://bio.kuleuven.be/de/dea/people_detail.php?pass_id=u0058905) on the genomics of Daphnia magna.

She will be around from Wednesday afternoon until Friday morning so if you would like to speak to her then please email me (bop08jr@sheffield.ac.uk).  We will also be going for informal drinks and then dinner at 1700 on Thursday, so again please contact me if you would like to come along.


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