Postdoctoral Position on Nematode Population Genetics


Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

The Department for Evolutionary Biology (Director Ralf J. Sommer) invites applications for a

Postdoctoral Position on

Nematode Population Genetics

The Department has an active research program in evolutionary ecology and evolutionary developmental biology studying the nematode model organism Pristionchus pacificus, the genome of which has recently been sequenced (Dieterich et al., Nature Genetics, 2008).An overview of our research can be obtained in BioEssays 28, 651-659 (2006). Pristionchus nematodes live in close association with scarab beetles and feed on microbes that grow on the carcass of the dead beetle. Our model species, P. pacificus is cosmopolitan and we have currently more than 100 wild isolates representing an enormous resource for natural variation. Mutation accumulation lines have been generated for several strains. We want to initiate a population genetic analysis in P. pacificus. Access to large-scale sequencing facilities, including next generation sequencing technology, is available. Experience in population genetics is absolutely required. The position is for two years with a possible extension for one more year.Funding would be available from 1. April 2009.Closing date for applications: 15. November 2008 Please submit applications to: Ralf J. SommerDept. for Evolutionary BiologyMax-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology72076 Tübingen, Germanyralf.sommer@tuebingen.mpg.de

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