Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology Post Doc

Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Ploen, Germany
Group of Diethard Tautz

We will soon open a new facility that allows setting up seminatural
enclosure experiments with house mouse populations at a large
scale. Experiments will include the analysis of the genetic basis of
mate choice, the role of imprinting in environmental adaptations, as
well as studies on the fitness effects of adaptive trait alleles. We
seek a postdoc who is interested to join such experiments.

Generally we are using natural populations of the house mouse to study
the genetic basis of adaptations. We are employing high level genomic
approaches with in-house facilities for microarrays, high throughput
genotyping, and next generation sequencing to detect and functionally
characterize genes involved in recent adaptations. We have an unique
collection of house mouse populations and pursue a large variety of

Owing to its history as a limnological institute, we are located
in a small town in the middle of a beautiful lake district. Our
directly neighboring larger towns are Kiel and L?beck, and Hamburg is
approx. 70km away. We are allied with the University of Kiel and have
a joint international graduate school in evolutionary biology.

Further information on the institute can be found at:

The position is suitable for persons who have finshed a PhD in behavioural
ecology or a general topic in evolutionary biology. Payment will be on
the basis of a taxfree stipend, initially for two years and extendable
for a third year.

Applications should be sent to and include a complete
CV, publication list, letter of motivation and contact information for
three references.

Prof. Dr. Diethard Tautz
Max-Planck-Institut fuer Evolutionsbiologie
Abteilung Evolutionsgenetik
August-Thienemannstrasse 2
24306 Ploen (Germany)
Tel.: 04522 763 390
Fax: 04522 763 281


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