ABI seminar on the SOLID system – 21st Oct

Please see below for amessage from Franco Di Giovine who is organising the meeting.

“here is the URL for registration to the ABI seminar on the SOLID system for high-throughput sequencing and transcriptome analysis. The link will go live later today.


The meeting will take place on the 21st Oct in the Conference Rooms at the Kroto Institute, approx 09:30 to 15:30. There will be talks from three specialist speakers from Forster City (home of ABI HQ), and from two SOLID users from the UK

Please register a.s.a.p because, being one of two UK venues, it may be getting quite busy with participants from other Universities and Research Centers.”
Franco di Giovine – F.DiGiovine@sheffield.ac.uk

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  1. Note that this replaces the presentation originally planned for next week. The SOLID system is a competitor to the Solexa. The Liverpool node of the MGF are in the process of buying one to add to their 454.

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