Free GIS training at the University

See the info below from Diane Palmer or access the Flyer.

“My aim is to provide tailored Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tuition and research support to postgraduates, research and academic staff, on an individual basis. I adapt learning materials and support to meet each person’s interests. I will also be available to advise as GIS is then applied to specific research projects. Prior knowledge of GIS is not expected! Some basic computer skills e.g. Excel or Access would be an advantage.

The training I have prepared requires approximately 5 x one-and-a-half hour essions with the tutor (myself), plus approximately 30 minutes to one hour’s private practice in between sessions. However, it isn’t necessary to study to this level. Simple and effective maps can be produced after just a couple of sessions. I can also offer advanced training to anyone who would find this helpful to their work.

Time and frequency of learning can be organised according to individual preference. I’m also happy to organise half-day or full day sessions for individuals or small groups (2-3 persons) if this is more convenient to
people’s timetables. There is a choice of software available.

In the last 2 years I have had over 90 trainees. Their topics have been diverse, including criminology, disaster analysis, disease, environment, engineering, health and deprivation, migration and politics.

Please see my website for examples of what GIS actually is and for further details of training opportunities:

I am based on the third floor in the ICOSS building. To arrange training please contact or telephone 0114 222 8388. “

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