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Terry’s group meeting tomorrow 1.30pm, seminar room 1

Postdoc position 2 y in marine population genomics; local adaptation and speciation in Littorina

Department of Marine Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Closing date: 2015-12-01

A collaborative project between the research groups of Kerstin Johannesson and Roger Butlin are currently generating massive sets of genetic and phenotypic data in order to increase our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of local adaptation and evolution of reproductive isolation under gene flow.
We have phenotypic and genotypic data covering 3000 snails distributed over 4 contact zones of two ecotypes including exact positions, measurements of morphology and behaviour and are now generating individual genotype data using capture DNA sequencing. We are also generating pool-seq data from populations of the two L. saxatilis ecotypes from several different countries, in addition to samples of nearby species/subspecies. In addition, we are generating genotype data and morphological data for comprehensive analysis of quantitative traits (QTL mapping) deriving from F2 and F3 generations bred from crosses between the two ecotypes. There are also several different transcriptomes generated from separate tissues of the species. Simultaneously, we are making progress with the genome assembly of Littorina saxatilis and we expect a final draft assembly to be finished by the end of this year based on 600X coverage of Illumina sequencing, supported by 50X PacBio sequencing and genetic mapping. We now seek a person with strong competence and interest in bioinformatics and evolutionary genetics to contribute to the analyses of these large sets of phenotypic and genetic data. Further information at, or send a mail to