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Science-writing competition now open

Access to Understanding is a science-writing competition aimed at PhD students and early career post-doctoral researchers, developed by Europe PubMed Central and The British Library.

The winner will receive an iPad and have their entry published in eLife.

For more information:


NERC have changed their logos

they can be found on:

Christmas is coming..

Natalie and Katie have kindly offered to organise the Christmas meal this year.
The suggested date is Friday the 13th of December (hope that suits everyone?)
If you have any suggestions of where to go please let one of us know by next Monday (so we can start to ring places for availability).


PhD position: behaviour, ecology and evolution of cichlid fish, University of Groningen

Job description
The Behavioural Biology Group at the University of Groningen offers a PhD position for a project on speciation mechanisms in African cichlid fish. The prospective PhD student will be part of the new research team of Dr. Martine Maan. This team investigates how ecological selection and sexual selection interact during species divergence. The PhD student will conduct a research project on Lake Victoria cichlids, investigating the genetic basis of visual adaptation to underwater light conditions and its consequences for the development and evolution of visually guided behaviours and sexual signals. Ultimately, we aim to understand how divergent adaptation translates into reproductive isolation. The project involves extensive behavioural experimentation, molecular analysis of visual pigments (sequencing, qPCR, HPLC) and perceptual modeling. The project may also include field work in East Africa.

For the complete job description, see (vacancy number 213226). You may apply for this position until 11 November 2013

Please Read – fire detection measures next week

Commencing on the morning of Monday, November 11th 2013, the first phase of the Fire Alarm refurbishment work for the whole Western Bank Complex is due to commence. This initial work will consist of the replacement of
each of the fire alarm panels within these buildings over a period of 5

This work is vital so that we can create a stable platform for all the
subsequent ancillary works which are scheduled over the coming weeks and

The consequence of the first phase of this work is that during the week
commencing Monday November 11th to Friday November 15th, certain
sections of the complex will be without fire detection during the
working day (0800 hrs to 1730 hrs). To compensate for this, a ‘walking
‘ will be provided by University staff who will have with them a
manual warning device (an air-horn). Should staff and students within
the Western Bank Complex hear the air-horn sound, they *_MUST_* treat
this as a fire alarm activation and take the necessary appropriate
action and evacuate the building.

Should a member of staff or a student find a fire, they should try to
sound the fire alarm as normal by using a manual break glass call point.
Should the fire alarm fail to sound, they should immediately call the
University Security Control Room on 4444 or 0114 2224444 and give them
the location of the fire. (Security will contact the Fire Service). The
individual should then evacuate the building.

Celine’s fund raising for sick kids this wkend


Accommodation required from mid-November

Hello, my name is Lili and some of you might remember me from my last stay in Sheffield earlier this year (PhD student from Aberdeen studying basking sharks). I am again looking for a room, basically from mid-November until mid-December or so (you never know with genetics). If you have anything available or know of someone who does, please get in touch! My email is: Cheers, Lili

Shortage of B floor lockers

Please can you let me know if you are using locker 5, 6, 11, 19, or 20.
If any of these remain unclaimed – they will be cleaned out and new keys ordered.

When you leave please return your key to Hazel (or me and I will pass on). Please dont pass on to anyone else.
If you are willing to share a locker please let me know.


Terry’s group meeting – tomorrow 12-1.30pm, B52

Sheffield Molecular Biology club meeting – Wed 6/11 5.30pm

The second meeting of the Sheffield Molecular Biology club is tomorrow evening, starting at 5:30 in lecture theatre 3 in the medical school. Beer and pizza provided ! Please make sure you let everyone in your labs know too. Those of you that failed to turn up last time should try and come along this time. Otherwise you will never know what you are missing 🙂


Ewald Hettema – How peroxisomes multiply

Ross Drayton – tRNA fragments in bladder cancer

Sherif El-Khamisy – Breaking and sealing the human genome: the consequence of the imbalance

more info from Stuart Wilson: <>