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KWK is 40!

Level 4 presentations, Tue 7th & Wed 8th, BMS conference room

Hi all!
some great looking talks from the 4th years including Mol Ecol lab members coming up next week. The talks run 11-4.45 on Tuesday and 9 – 4.15 on Wednesday, all in the BMS conference room.

Tuesday 7 May 2013 Timetable schedule for L4 talks

Wednesday 8 May 2013 Timetable schedule for L4 talks

Mol Ecol lab meeting, 10am Tuesday 7th May, B52

Hi all!
our next meeting is on Tuesday – please come along (and bring any visitors or new members of the lab with you!) to hear talks from David and Toni.

Anna 🙂

David Hopkins: Host plant selection in the speciation of the pea aphid
Toni Gossmann: Determinants of the rate of protein evolution in Parus major