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PhD position at Falmouth

Hi all
Camille Bonneaud & Angus Buckling (University of Exeter, Falmouth Campus) have this PhD studentship advertised.
NERC studentship_Bonneaud Buckling

Accom reqd for Facility visitor – Lilly Herridge

I’m a 28 yr. old female biology PhD student and I am looking to rent a room for 6 weeks from the 26th Jan whilst I work at the University of Sheffield. I’m tidy and like hillwalking, running, nice chats and red wine. Ideally the property would be close to the University, but I have a car so I am open to further out locations. If anyone has a spare room/knows someone that does then please drop me an email (

Introduction to genomics workshop, Tue 19 & Wed 20 March, 10-4pm

Hi everyone!

We are delighted to announce a free two day workshop with lectures and practicals to introduce you to next generation sequencing, genome reduction, assembly, quality control, SNP detection and analysis, simple unix tasks and more.

The course will be presented by members of the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, including staff from the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility.

The workshop will run from 10-4pm both days in the Perak IT room. Lunch and coffee are generously provided by the Researcher Training and Development Program and the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility.

The deadline for registration is 1 March but we’d really appreciate if you can sign up as soon as possible to guarantee your place and also check our registration form is working, thanks!

Blog with more info and the timetable:

Any questions please get in touch!
Anna (

Accommodation wanted!!

Does anyone have/know a room for short term rent (a month?) starting from 21st Jan. before Jon’s new PostDoc can find a new flat? Alternatively, one-bedroom flat that is close to University and immediatley available would be helpful. Please leave me a message if you have any information.

Kang-Wook (

PhD studentship: Social behaviour of shorebird populations in Madagascar

Social behaviour of shorebird populations in Madagascar: behaviour, demography and genetics

PhD studentship (3 years), Bielefeld University (Germany) & University of Bath (UK)

Supervisors: Prof. Oliver Krüger, Dr. Joe Hoffman and Prof. Tamás Székely

Mating systems and parental behaviour are among the most diverse social behaviours, and recent works suggest that the social environment influences these behaviours. Small plovers (Charadrius spp.) exhibit monogamous and polygynous breeding systems and some of this variation appear to relate to sex ratios. The objective of the studentship is to carry out fieldwork in three plover populations in Madagascar, and using molecular genetic analysis together with demographic modelling, test whether breeding systems are influenced by the social environment.

We seek a bright and motivated student with strong interests in evolutionary ecology and behavioural ecology. Willingness to carry out fieldwork in a harsh tropical environment is essential for this position. The student will search for nests, trap birds and take blood samples and record their behaviour. In addition, he/she will use molecular genetic methods to test hypotheses of mating system evolution, and develop demographic models to estimate key demographic properties of natural populations. Previous experience with avian field biology, statistical modelling and/or microsatellite genotyping is advantageous. Strong quantitative skills are essential, and willingness to programme is a must.

Fieldwork will be in a remote and pristine location in SW Madagascar. Commodities are extremely basic, the weather can be very harsh, and a great deal of walking and cycling are required. Opportunities for outside communication are very limited. You must be physically fit, hard-working and meticulous, and have a proven ability to work independently. You must have a positive attitude and an ability to look after yourself (i.e. cook your own meals, deal with logistics and organise your own work over extended periods).

The student will be based at the Department of Animal Behaviour at Bielefeld University ( The Department offers a stimulating international environment and an excellent research infrastructure with access to state-of-the-art techniques. The working language of the Department is English. The student will also spend some of his/her time at the Biodiversity Laboratory at the University of Bath (

This studentship (E13/65%) is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG) and is available for 3 years. Full funding is available for fieldwork and for attending conferences. Please send your CV, the name of 2 referees, and a concise statement of your research interests as a single PDF file to: For further information concerning this studentship, please contact Oliver Krüger (, Joe Hoffman ( or Tamás Székely (

The University of Bielefeld is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from severely handicapped people. We particularly welcome applications from women. Given equal suitability, qualifications and professional achievement, women will be given preference, unless particular circumstances pertaining to a male applicant predominate.

The deadline for applications is Friday 25 January 2013.

Interviews will be held in early February and the position is available as soon as possible.

Practice Viva talk! 15th January 10am in Finlay Room C floor

Hi everyone!

In preparation for my viva back in Vancouver at SFU on 24th January, I’ll be doing a practice talk on Tuesday 15th January in the Finlay Room C-floor at 10am entitled “Molecular Genetics of Alternative Reproductive Morphs in Ruffs”.

This is open to TAB lab and anyone else that would like to come listen and provide feedback on the talk and slide content 🙂  Talk is aiming to be between 30-40mins and the room is booked for an hour.



2013 Molecular Ecology lab meeting dates – first Tuesday of the month

Hi all!

Please note the dates for this year’s Molecular Ecology lab meetings 🙂 They are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month, from 10-11am in B52 (but this month we meet next week on the 8th!).

These meetings are the monthly catch up for all members of Terry, Roger and Jon’s groups, plus Patrik and Gareth’s groups, plus any visitors to the NBAF. If you are hosting a visitor, they are most welcome to come along with you! We usually have two talks each month, please let me know if you’d like to present your research or if you would like to invite a friend or visitor to present!

8 Jan (Anja and Liam)
5 Feb (Jenny K and Sanad)
5 Mar (Hannah and Clemens)
2 Apr
7 May
4 Jun
2 Jul
6 Aug
3 Sep
1 Oct
5 Nov
3 Dec

Anna 🙂

MolEcol meeting, Tuesday 8th, 10am in B52!

Hi all and happy new year!

We kick-start 2013 with two great talks:

Anja will present “Genetic basis and geographical patterns of adaptive divergence in an intertidal snail”

and Liam will talk on “An exploratory bite into the gene network regulating shark tooth development”.

See you all on Tuesday!
Anna 🙂