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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer position

I would be grateful if you would bring our recent position, Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Molecular Ecology in the Molecular Ecology & Fisheries Genetics Group at Bangor University to the attention of any appropriate candidates. The link is below:

Thank you in advance for your help,

Good wishes,

Gary R. Carvalho

JC has had a baby boy!

…for anyone who knows him JC’s wife has had a baby boy! cheers, Andy.

Football every Wednesday

Hi all,

this is a call for people that want to make a bit of fun sport every weeks. Each Wednesday afternoon, we organize a football session for lab people on Goodwin centre pitches (usually at 17:00). The ambiance is really cool as fun is the main purpose. The participation fees are £3 per person and there is no obligation to come assiduously (just come when you feel so and pay as you go)!

If you are interested, please send me an email to in order to be added to the mailing list (I’ll send an email every weeks to ask who is in a football mood).
Feel free to spread this information to any new member of the lab or friends of yours that might be interested.



Formamide- don’t leave plates uncovered

Hi all- please make sure that plates containing Formamide are not uncovered in the sequencing room. cheers, Andy

Freezer room access

Hi all- the Freezer room will not be accessible for 1 week from Monday 8th Oct (room 704 items will be placed into it so it can be ‘re-gassed’). Can you throw out old PCR products or unwanted samples etc. to help in this? (both in the lab and freezer room). Me and Gav will work on the room tomorrow morning (Friday). Any help you can give to get rid of stuff would be greatly appreciated ­čÖé┬ácheers,Andy

Where is the projector?

Does anyone know where the projector is? Should be in the lab office drawer….

cheers, Andy.

Dry Ice

We currently collect dry ice from delivered parcels and store in -80C for reuse (so please dont throw away but pass on to Gavin or Andy). If anyone has any other money saving ideas please let us know.


PhD Position (University of Lancaster)

PhD position on disease ecology with Ken Wilson at Lancaster.