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Alain is a happy father!

Alain and Lisette baby daughter!

Alain and Lisette baby daughter!

SURE scheme – Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

The University has announced that they will be running the SURE scheme
(Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) this year. The Faculty of Science
will have 16 studentships.
There are two routes for applications – a staff-led route and a student-led
route. See  for details.
There is a showcase event on TODAY Tues 21st Feb.
The deadline for applications is Fri March 16th. If you’d like
a final year student in your lab over the summer, then this is a good route
to obtain funding.

Looks like Petanque time again

As the weather is suppose to warm up a bit we are going to have a game of Petanque in the park Friday 1pm. Be there or be……..!

PhD (4 years) or Post-doc (3 years) position in Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology, University of Groningen

“Causes and consequences of variation in dispersal behaviour”

In many organisms individuals differ systematically in their dispersal behaviour. Moreover, individual variation in dispersal is correlated with other traits, including metabolism, activity, aggressiveness, boldness, sociability, behavioural flexibility and learning ability. Although such correlation structures (“dispersal syndromes”) have been described for many species, neither their evolutionary emergence nor their ecological, evolutionary and genetic consequences are well understood. By means of a theoretical approach (using analytical models and individual-based computer simulations) the project will address questions such as: Why are the dispersal syndromes in different species remarkably similar in some respects and remarkably different in others? What are the consequences of variation in dispersal for social evolution (e.g., cooperative breeding) and the mating system? What are the implications of non-equilibrium dynamics for the genetic structure of a population and for the estimation of pedigrees, relatedness and fitness?
The project is designed as a 4-year PhD project; however, we also welcome applications from exceptional post-doctoral researchers for a 3-year position. The close collaboration between theoretical and behavioural researchers, along with access to the long-term Seychelles warbler dataset, provides a unique opportunity to forge a link between conceptual models and real-world data.

Closing date: April 1, 2012

For further information click on “Theoretical_PhD_or_Postdoc” or contact:
Prof.dr. Franjo Weissing (, +31-50-363 1231)
Prof.dr. ir. Jan Komdeur (, +31-50-363 2056)
Dr. Hannah Dugdale (, +31-50-363 8781)

Full details will shortl be online at

Club Tropicana! Drinks are… B.Y.O.

Hello all,

It is that time of the decade when I have a real birthday! (29th Feb if you don’t know what I’m talking about), so to celebrate I am having a house warming/birthday party at my house on Saturday (25th). Woohoo! I live in Barnsley, but it’s only 20 miles away so if you club together a taxi won’t cost much. Hurrah! 🙂

The theme is 80’s fancy dress, no excuses. You know it makes sense….

Jen x

Happy to join the Molecular Ecology Group

Hello everyone,

I am new here (Patrik Nosil here…), just arrived this week, but very excited to be here. I look forward to getting to know everyone. I was also thinking I could give an informal seminar sometime soon about my lab, the ERC project I am here to implement, and especially of interest to some people might be the methods (both lab and bioinformatic/statistical) that we have used successfully for RAD-tags (well, at least the point there are papers submitted or in revision). Perhaps I could talk at one of the Tuesday lab meetings or something.

cheers, Patrik

Sponsor Jon in the London Marathon

Hi all,
I am running the London Marathon in April and hope to raise money for an organisation called IntoUniversity. They do excellent work helping disadvantaged young people go into Higher Education, and therefore help to narrow the participation gap in UK universities.

I’d be very grateful for any support you can give (financial or moral!)
More details here:

Many thanks, Jon

ps – I wasn’t sure what category to put this under. Training, perhaps?

Gel imager

…the G:Box gel imager broke last night.  In this case there is an alternative imager to the left of it (camera on stand, printer, monitor and SafeImager- place gel under the orange filter). The light is safe on this light box.

cheers, Andy

Pancake day

It’s pancake day soon (Tues) so I thought a good time to appeal for more egg boxes (to make homes for my seed potatoes) please.



Accommodation available:

I have one double & single bedroom available during May and June.
These are in a tidy, clean and very spacious 3-bedroom house, 20 min walking from the U. of Sheffield (5 min by bus). The house is in a quite and nice neighbour, Walkley, and is 1 min from the bus stop, supermarket, many takeaways and restaurants, off-license shops, flower shop, butcher, and 10 min walking from the TRAM!
For those who love nice walks, Rivelin Valley is just 10 min from the house.
We are looking for a friendly and clean tenant.
If you are interested please contact Paz Duran at or  on 07775944839

-Paz Duran (<–Posted by Óscar Mira)