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Birthday drinks Interval today (Friday)

…it’s my Birthday early next week- so I am going to the interval at 5pm today (Friday) for a beer or two- anyone fancy coming?

cheers, Andy

…thanks :)

…thanks to everyone for cleaning the lab today…it looks really sparkly! 🙂

cheers, Andy

Terry’s group meeting this Friday 14/10 12pm B52

Lab clean-up Thursday 13th October 11-12

Hi all- the lab is looking a bit tatty so we are having a lab autumn-clean   (this Thursday 13th October 11-12). Could you all attend to give your help?  (even those of you office people who are not currently using the lab would be most welcome). I’ll provide the bubbles 🙂



Join the APS postdoc and early career society!

We are aiming to formally organize APS postdocs and early career scientists in a post-doc society.

The benefits of joining a post-doc society are, next to socialisation, that we can find collaborators, exchange ideas with each other about job opportunities, manuscript and grant writing, commiserate about our workloads, etc….

Also, if you join, you’ll be kept in touch with

– social events to encourage interactions across the department (wine evenings, coffee and cake…)

– training opportunities, including notices about the fantastic Faculty of Science training and development programme:

– seminars, talks and workshops that you may enjoy

We also hope that with an APS early careers and postdoc society in the department, we will have a stronger voice in the department – for example, at the moment postdocs aren’t always considered as “staff” because most of us are on 2-3 year contracts.

To begin with, please sign yourself up to the APS post-doc and early career Uspace group! You’ll be free to send emails to the group (anything you think might be of interest), and you can either opt to receive emails or to login to the group (with your usual Sheffield username and password) to read them when it suits.

Thanks and (hopefully!) welcome to the group!

To join, follow this link:

login with your username and password, and click “join this group” on the right hand side of the page


We are looking for post-docs to join the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at The University of Melbourne, working in the Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group at The University of Melbourne (

This is an excellent opportunity to work within a major research group that incorporates leading researchers from Australia and internationally (<>).

The base salary range of PhD graduates is AUS$71,081 – AUS$95,375 p.a. depending on previous experience. Positions are for three years. Applications close on 16 October 2011 (Australian time).

The advertisement is at:

This site also has information about how to apply.

Accomodation wanted for visitor to Beckerman Lab

Jan Klecka is visiting the department for 6 months on an Erasmus exchange. He is looking for a room to rent with some nice people, starting rather soon (week of Oct 17).

Please contact Andrew Beckerman with any options.

Postdoctoral training – Leadership course for researchers

The course has been developed by Vitae, course and accommodation have been covered and are free for researchers. However, places are limited, so book as soon as possible.

Leadership in Action
14-16th November, Leeds

This 3 day course will allow you to explore and develop your leadership skills.  You will have the opportunity to look at relevant theory, practice your leadership style and receive feedback.

Is this course right for you?

Attending this course would be relevant for you if you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following questions:

Do you want to…

develop your leadership skills?
explore the concept of leadership?
build confidence in your own leadership style?
give yourself more choices in how you lead
develop and maintain a sense of direction
influence people towards a common goal/purpose
On-course you will:

learn more about your strengths and weaknesses
understand your personal values and how you make decisions
recognise your achievements and how to use these to create future success
understand the impact you have on those who you are leading
identify how these skills can benefit you in your current role
What will it involve?

The course will be attended by up to 36 researchers from the Yorkshire and North East Hub regions, from different disciplines and career stages.  The course will be led by a team of experienced facilitators who will work with you throughout the 3 days to support your learning.  They will be from a variety of backgrounds with experience in leadership, academia and other sectors.

This course takes a ‘learning by doing’ approach. There will be presentations on leadership theory, but for the most part, you will be actively participating in the sessions and activities.

More info and Booking:

Molecular Ecology Group meetings today, 10:00, B52

We will hear talks from Orly Razgour on

Conservation genetics of the grey long-eared bat across multiple spatio-temporal scales

and Robert Heathcote:

Sexual selection in an introduced species of lizard


See you all at 10:00 am in B52!