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Hello all,

I’m moving out of my room in Sheffield next week so if there are any spare boxes kicking about I could have that’d be great. I’ve only got books and other smallish items so no giant boxes please. If you could leave them on/under my desk in the lab or bring them to the office B1 127 I’d appreciate it (or let me know at and I’ll come pick them up).



Accommodation needed

Hi all,

A friend of a friend is starting in the lab next week and will be here for 3 months.  She’s still not managed to find anywhere to stay.  If you have a spare room, short- or long-term, please let her know.

Jess Walkup:


Food and drink on Friday?

Hello all!
So this Friday is my second to last Friday before going off for field work. Not a particularly big deal as I’ll be back in January, but since I have a knack for missing nearly all lab outings, does anyone fancy coming for tea (or dinner, depending on your regional preference) to the Dev Cat on Friday? My plan is to drink in the interval until everyone who would like to come has turned up, have food in the Dev Cat and then go for some drinks somewhere. Let me know if you fancy (any part of) it!

Science is Vital campaign

The Science is Vital campaign is currently preparing a report requested by David Willetts, the Minister for Universities and Science, detailing the worsening situation in scientific careers.

Most scientists would agree that the career structure of the profession is ailing: there are vastly more postdocs than permanent positions available. Moreover, the situation is exacerbated as funding declines in real terms, increasing pressure on career prospects and pay, which remain low relative to comparable professions. As scientific solutions grow increasingly important for our society, it will become ever more crucial to address weaknesses within the career that endanger its health, vitality and diversity.

We would like to invite you to contribute your own experiences to this by 30th September.