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Terry’s group meeting – this Friday 12pm B52

Tetrad 2 is ill (old Tetrad).

Tetrad 2 is ill (old Tetrad)…please think about your PCR’ing needs these next two weeks and try to plan in advance regarding booking blocks. It will go away for mending and be away about 1 week. Please think about using early/late slots and even the *very underused* 384-well blocks (I can show you the plates/technique etc.).

Please let me know if this slows your work down (the occasional small user from other groups do use them and they have agreed to use evening slots).


Women in Science program – Soapbox Science

Hi all, an interesting event this Friday in London if anyone is about – looks like an interesting range of talks!

…come along to celebrate and meet some of the top female scientists in the country who are jumping on their soap boxes and discussing their work with the public

Anna ūüôā

Accommodation wanted mid August – end September

Tim Birkhead has a new post-doc starting in mid August and he is looking for accommodation for about 7 weeks – ie until the end of September. Please contact Tim if you can offer accommodation.

DNA/RNA/Bacteria dry storage?

Hi all- I am tentatively looking into DNA etc. dry storage products in conjunction with the Faculty of Science as part of their energy reduction plan. There are a few technologies but please have a look at one link re. DNA/RNA/bacterial dry storage (based on natural anhydrobiosis- used by brine shrimps and tardigrades which can resist dessication for over 100 years). If one can believe it the data looks very good and as good as -20 degrees storage.

Benefits?- ¬†reduce freezer space for long-term storage samples? Safer- no freezer breakdowns? Cheaper? Better for the Environment- reduce the university’s carbon footprint? Easier to send around the world-no dry ice?¬†

Negatives?- Dry? new/emerging technology? incompatibility with downstream applications? Does it really work? reluctance to convince people it is OK? 

Comments would be really welcome- thanks



…we have the A-floor freezer rooms back ūüôā so¬†we can try and continue with the task of consolidating/reducing/stocktaking our samples (this will apply to all freezers -20 and -80’s).

We can bring some stuff back from¬†the Annexe¬†but I have been strictly¬†told by Estates that we can only fill them about half full.¬†We can take this opportunity to check the items held and decide if the stuff held is needed or not (supervisor advice will be needed in some cases). And properly recording and archiving those we¬†keep. ¬†I feel that the large boxes are not efficient so will find some smaller boxes for those ‘smaller projects’.

If you want to move your box back give me a shout…if not¬†prepare to be asked¬†at some point to help ūüôā




Hi All,

I am returning to Portugal for a few weeks on Friday, so in case some of you are not here when I return at the end of August, I would like to invite you all to join me for dinner this Thursday.

The plan is to have an early dinner around 6.30pm at Milestone Gastro Pub. The early bird (i.e. cheaper) menu is 5-7pm, and is £14 for two courses and a drink. So, we could meet in the locker room around 6pm and then head down to the restaurant together.

If you don’t want to eat, then you can join us later for drinks and pool at the Common Room near the Forum around 8.30pm.

I need to book the restaurant as soon as possible, so can you let me know if you want to join me for the meal by Wednesday morning?

Thank you,


Filming in lab

Jesse Harrison is being filmed for a documentary on “waste plastic in the sea”¬† or something (HoD has OK’d it).¬†The¬†German film crew will be in the Dept. inc. our lab at some point on Wednesday 13th. See me if you would like to arrange for a cameo role pipetting¬†etc.



Message from Jin-Won

I just want to let you know with great happiness that my wife Hye-Kyoung gave a birth yesterday (6th), 3kg boy…It was an unforgettable experience to see the moment of birth. I know some evolutionary biologists like you may think of EPP,
but he has got the same ear as me, for sure!! Any tips for paternity job welcome!

Terry’s group meeting today is cancelled.

Apologies for the short notice!