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Genemapper patch for Windows 7?

Apparently there exists a patch which enables installation of Genemapper onto a Windows 7 system.

Does anyone have this patch or know where i can get hold of it?


Simon (Tablab)

missing primers

Hi- has anyone mistakenly taken the following primers in a recent batch from Sigma




if so can you let me have them,



Roller Derby Bout July 2nd!

Hi everyone, for those interested in seeing some live Roller Derby and supporting your local team The Sheffield Steel Rollergirls take on the Royal Windsor Rollergirls, come to the bout on July 2nd at Ponds Forge! Tickets are £6.00 Adult, £5.00 Student, and Under 11’s are free.  Tickets available online at, and I’ll also be selling tickets starting this Wednesday 2 Adult for £10. Lindsay

Does everyone have a freezer drawer?

…if not see me 🙂



Escape the lab….night out


Its not often you get us out past a few post-work drinks at the Interval, but tonight is the night. Some people are meeting at 730pm in the University Arms, and then the rest are meeting at 830pm at The Forum on Division St. Please come along as these occasions don’t happen a lot….



GeneScreen- any good?

Francesco has found this- it’s free- any use? Some alternative to CodonCode?



Safe Imager- no UV, no ethidium bromide

Hi all- I have a Safe Imager blue light transilluminator on trial until Friday 24th. Essentially it is a light box that allows you to safely visualise DNA (using SYBRSafe). No UV and no Ethidium Bromide.  *Great for cutting out bands (safer for you and safer for your samples- no UV nicking)* . Cost about £1000 total. Please see me if you would like to trial it. Details in the .pdf below



Terry’s group meeting today CANCELLED

the next meeting is on Friday 24th June, B52, 11am.

Details re. strike on Friday 10th June

See message below- if you are working but don’t have a card with ‘out of hours access’ then ‘phone lab and someone will let you in.

Dear All

It has been confirmed that the support staff unions have called strike action to take place on Friday10 June (tomorrow). As last week the main doors will be set to out of hours access, so if you are not joining the strike action and intend to come in to work you will need to use your UCard for access.  If you didn’t get your UCard activated last week you will need to do so today BEFORE 2pm.

Please mention this to other members of your group in case they don’t see this email.

Thanks for your co-operation.


TAB Group meeting – this THURSDAY 12-1pm B52