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Gavin’s operation went well! Read on for his message.

from Gavin: “The operation went OK. Didn’t get operated on until Friday due to more important emergencies coming up, so i had two relaxing days in hospital beforehand. The operation took 4 and a half hours and the surgeon said my prolapsed disc was that bad he was surprised i could walk at all. I got out on Sunday and am on very strong painkillers. I can only walk a few steps at a time and am spending most of my time lying on my back as sitting and standing are too painful.

If anybody needs to contact me about work stuff feel free. I might not respond straight away as the painkillers are making me sleep lots.

Hope all is still running smoothly without me.”

Terry’s group meeting FRIDAY 20/5 12-1pm B52

2011 meeting of the British Ecological Society – Sheffield 12-14/09/11

The 2011 meeting of the British Ecological Society is here at Sheffield from the 12th – 14th of September.  As one of, if not THE leading ecology department in the country, it would be a shame for us not to make a strong showing at home.

Please consider submitting an abstract, and encourage your post-docs and upper level PhD students to do so as well.  1st and 2nd year PhD students are more than welcome to submit abstracts for posters.  The deadline is the 22nd May (Sunday this week!).

There is an exciting mix of thematic sessions and a range of established, new and improved session titles.  Jules Pretty (BES Lecture) and Diana Wall (Tansley Lecture) are our keynote speakers for the meeting.


Dr. Andrew Beckerman

Accommodation wanted mid August

Tim Birkhead has a post doc starting in mid august – does anyone have any temporary accommdation for about 2 months? Email Tim directly on

Leaving do n°2 friday


Last week was just the practice of the true leaving due: to find out what you should wear, what to drink, which other presents I would like, who is single or not…

So let’s meet 5 pm in the interval on friday and then go to the restaurant. I don’t know where yet, but please tell me if you’re coming

B67 is now open!

Snip! (sound of ribbon being cut) and a round of applause….just help yourselves- I will arrange for the equipment/cupboards etc. to be moved back in.



¡Hey people!

I’m leavin Sheffield the friday morning and I will like to say  good bye to everybody out of the lab.

If you fancy a beer tomorrow evening in the Interval (and may be dinner in the Sushi Express after the beer) this is a good excuse.


Leaving due Friday

Hi guys,

after 4 years in the lab and thus breaking the world record of the longest visitor in the lab I thought this deserved a celebration. So let’s meet after work in the interval on friday.

lunch 12.30/Pétanque 1PM

Hi guys,

Meeting in the park as usual for pétanque

Summer work

Field and Laboratory Research Assistant in Plant Evolution
Dr Richard Buggs and Prof. Andrew Leitch at Queen Mary University of London are seeking an enthusiastic field and lab research assistant for four months of this summer (2011), to investigate hybridization in the plant genus Tragopogon. The project is a preliminary study investigating the frequency, origin, ploidy and persistence of hybrids between T. pratensis and T. porrifolius in England.
The research assistant (RA) will carry out fieldwork in natural populations of Tragopogon, and a full driving license valid in the UK is essential. In the laboratory at Queen Mary University of London, the RA will extract DNA, count chromosomes and assess pollen and seed viability of plants with hybrid morphology. Genome sizes will be measured at the Jodrell Laboratory, Kew (in the lab of co-investigator Ilia Leitch). In collaboration with Evgeny Mavrodiev in the lab of Douglas and Pamela Soltis at University of Florida, we will sequence genes and place British diploids in the phylogenetic tree of the genus, and identify the precise parents of hybrids.
It is hoped that this 4 month project will provide preliminary data for the submission of a full grant proposal. The RA could be a named student or postdoc on this proposal, depending on his/her qualifications and career plans.
Requirements include:
1) bachelor’s or higher degree in biology, ecology, genetics or related field
2) driving license valid in the UK
3) accurate, detail-orientated record keeping
Previous field and laboratory experience are highly desirable.
Salary and travel costs are provided. The position will begin on 31 May 2011.
Please send informal enquiries with CV to Richard Buggs: