Monthly Archives: April 2011

B67 refurbished lab

…as you can see the lab wall has been taken down. It will be officially inspected tomorrow and snagged over the next week I hope. Feel free to ‘camp’ in it if you like. If you don’t have a comfy office space at the moment please use the low benching in the back of the lab. Please don’t move any big pieces of equipment back until we get the official all clear (in any case I’ll get someone to help with that on the 3rd May).


Using the sequencer 22nd-26th April?

…do you want to use the sequencer between the 22nd and 26th? Then please come and see me (I would like to know rough nos. of plates etc. and to instruct you what to do if it ‘goes wrong’).



Pétanque today

Hi guys,

We meet in the park at 12.30 for lunch and 1 PM we play pétanque.

See you then!

Selling my car

Hi guys,

I’m selling my car: Nissan MICRA S, 10 years, 65000 miles.
Price: 800£.
It’s a good car, I never had problems with it and it just had its MOT.
so if you interested or know anybody who would be, please let me know!

phone: 07 962 592 508.



Dodgy pipette?

Hi all- I am having some of the multichannel pipettes mended by Starlab on Thursday. If you come across a pipette that is acting funny could you show me (we can try to fix it) – if not then we can ask Starlab to do it.


swallowtail butterfly talk

TOMORROW (19th April) in BMS Conference Room at 1300.

Co-evolution of male preference and female Batesian mimicry in the swallowtail butterfly Papilio polytes.

Prof. K. Tsuji
University of the Ryukyus, Japan.

For further details and to speak to him tomorrow, please email Mike Siva-Jothy.

Please do some tips

Hi all- Flora is away and we are running out of tips so could everyone come and do 15 minutes of racking. She is not back until the 3rd May so from now on if you have a few minutes to spare can you do a few boxes.


Karl Phillips – looking for accommodation

Accommodation requested by Karl Phillips for a potential visit 
in May or in July. He will be grateful with just floorspace! 
He will be in the lab early and back late.
If May, it would ideally be Tuesday 10th to Thursday 26th;
if July, it would be Monday 11th to Friday 29th.

Contact him directly on

Asbestos survey- lab closed Monday 18th 1-1.30pm

Hi all- we need to have an Asbestos survey of the ceiling voids-so the lab is closed Monday 18th 1-1.30pm (all personnel have to be out for the survey period).




3-yr Post-doctoral position to enhance international collaboration
In March we had a Postdoctoral Researcher position open at our department. This position is based on the strategic funding that the Rector has assigned to the department for international collaboration. We have decided to extend and widen the call. There are two options to apply:
1. Research groups may apply for the 3-yr post-doctoral position to recruit a post-doctoral researcher from abroad. The candidate and the research group should prepare the research plan together.

2. A post-doctoral researcher in the department may apply a 3-yr funding position for research both at the Department and abroad. A minimum of one year should be spent in an institute/research group outside of Finland. A letter of acceptance from the collaborating partner should be included.
All research groups and post-docs at the department are welcome to apply. Funding is available only for the salary of the Post-doctoral researcher and all other expenses must be covered by the research group or other external funding. The application should include the following documents: 1) A research plan (max. 2 pages), 2) A letter of intent (max. 2 pages) including information on the research group where the work will be conducted and the details on how this research will enhance international collaboration of our department, 3) CV of the candidate (max. 3 pages including the list of publications), 4) A letter of acceptance from the collaborating partner (option 2).
Application with the attachments should be sent by using the electronic form on page
The dead-line for the applications is 6th May 2011.