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Accommodation needed

Yu-Hsun (Echo) who is a new PhD. student (jointly with Terry and Shinichi) is looking for accommodation from now until the end of April . If you have something then please contact her on (or find her in the post-doc office).


PhD position

PhD position to work on the molecular ecology of pollination syndromes in Petunia . The project involves state-of-the art molecular genetics and genomics as well as behavioral analysis of plant-pollinator interactions.

Advert: PhD student Petunia

Contact: Cris Kuhlemeier, Professor of Plant Sciences
phone +41 31 631 49 13
fax +41 31 631 49 42

fao all APS researchers – Ethics Training

The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) is currently reviewing
its approach to educational activities and is seeking suggestions/ideas
from the University’s research community.

The intention is to ensure that any ethics training events are as
relevant as possible to researchers ‘on the ground’, and to provide
researchers with an opportunity to contribute their own real experiences
to help with the development of training content.

1. What topics would you like to see covered in the ethics training
programme, and what training format would suit you best
? A short online questionnaire is provided at:

2. In return for a small fee, would you be willing to provide a concise
case study from an experience you have had in research which
demonstrates a particular ethical issue? The UREC is interested in
receiving case studies particularly in relation to the following subject

•    internet research;
•    research involving adults lacking mental capacity;
•    research involving illegal activities (EITHER research into illegal
activities themselves, OR research where there is a chance that illegal
activities may be uncovered during the research process).

The attached brief provides further information; if you are interested
in compiling a case study, please email Lindsay Unwin at, or call  on extension 21443.

lab spring clean Tues.22nd March 11-12 ish

Hi all- the lab is looking a bit tatty so we are having a lab spring-clean tomorrow  (Tuesday 22nd March 11-12 ish). Could you all attend to give your help  (even those of you office people who are not currently using the lab) 🙂



lunch 12.30/Pétanque 1PM

lunch in the park 12.30, pétanque 1 PM.

Walk on sunday

Hi guys,

If nice weather we’re going to go to the peaks for a walk on sunday. So please contact me if you’re interested.

Terry’s group meeting – Friday 18/3 (tomorrow!) 12pm B52

BOU 2011 Annual conference – Migratory Birds: Ecology & Conservation; 5 – 7 April 2011, University of Leicester

Deadline for Bookings: 28th March

The conference scope will be terrestrial, freshwater and marine, with a focus on population-level research and management. The conference is aimed at research and conservation organisations as well as statutory government agencies, and those engaged in policy and advocacy.

The conference will aim to:
•    Explore advances in our understanding of the behaviour and ecology of migrant birds, especially at population or annual cycle level
•    Highlight species’ responses to environmental change, especially at the population level and in relation to habitat change
•    Demonstrate habitat and species management practices and challenges, with a focus on international collaboration, habitat protection, conflict resolution, wise use and the societal value of migrant birds (in ecosystems, food, culture)
•    Consider the evidence needs for managing migratory bird populations into the future, especially in light of challenges presented by water, food and energy security
•    Showcase the very latest methods for studying migration, focusing on technological and analytical advances, especially spatial analysis and behavioural modeling.

Further details including how to book can be found on the BOU website

Extra Seminar Rudy Jonker – Parental care and migration changes in barnacle geese

Rudy Jonker will be visiting Virpi Lummaa this Friday (18th March) and will give an extra seminar at 3pm in B52 on his PhD work on “Parental care and migration changes in barnacle geese”.

Geese are well known for their long duration of parental care, which is suggested to play an important role in the cultural transmission of migratory behaviour. A recent delay in onset of spring migration and the emergence of a non-migratory population of barnacle geese suggest changes in this mechanism of cultural transmission of migration. We studied 1) whether a delay in migration resulted in a delay of termination of parental care, 2) whether the non-migratory life-style of the new non-migratory barnacle geese led to shorter parental care and 3) what the population genetic consequences are of these migratory changes.

PhD student/PostDoc position – Computational, global modeling of ageing

There is a vacancy for a PhD or Postdoc in systems biology in the Theoretical Biology Group, supervised by Franjo Weissing at the University of Groningen. For further details, please visit:

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