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Interlibrary loan requests – now possible online

It is now possible for academic staff and postgraduate research students to submit interlibrary loan requests online, using the myInterLibrary Requests link on the library tab in MUSE.

Academic staff and postgraduate research students will no longer need to obtain authorisation vouchers, either for online or paper submission.

The online submission service is however not available to taught postgraduates or undergraduates. Taught course students who need to use the interlibrary request service to obtain materials for dissertations or other research projects should continue to use paper request forms, and must get authorisation vouchers from the appropriate person in their department. If students are unable to obtain authorisation from their department, they can pay for requests at any service point.

Academics and postgraduate students can still submit a paper form. Paper forms will be available at library service points, or can be downloaded from the Inter Library Request web pages at

Maria Mawson, Faculty Librarian, Social Science, 27348

curry saturday

dear all

there are a few of us going for a curry and drinks on saturday for a couple of reasons; namely my birthday and tom’s birthday (amy llewelyn’s partner) . if you would like to come please put your name on notice board so i can get an idea of numbers. all welcome, bring partners

exact plan to follow


Laser printer free to a good home

Hi all,

After 8 years service my laser printer developed a fault and the duplex unit (the ability to print double-sided) has broken.

Apart from that it is fine though. It still prints single-sided, and can do 1,2 or more pages per side. Of course, you can still print double-sided by turning the paper over and re-using it. Does anybody want it? I’ve got a spare cartridge as well.


Group meeting

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, 3. August (that is tomorrow!!), at 10:00h in B52.

We will hear presentations by Rene van Dijk (new postdoc) and Ian Cleasby.

Hope to see you all,


Welcome to our latest Summer visitors

Merche genotyping magpies,
Geetha genotyping badger and characterising new markers,
Joanna working on Polish badger populations
Ged isolating avian DNA from bone samples
Anna sex-typing and genotyping various bird species

Lauren Platts, who is working on the reproductive ecology of melancholy thistle (Cirsium heterophyllum) at its range edge in the peak district. She is determining the seed set in different populations to see if local seed set is limited by pollen availability. This will help us to understand  whether reproductive biology and dispersal ability are among the proximate forces maintaining the range edge in this species.

Sarah Grime, who is working on the population genomics of tormentil (Potentilla erecta) at Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory (BCCIL). Specifically, she is trying to understand whether climate change treatments imposed on a natural grassland for 17 years have resulted in a signature of selection between treatments. This will help us to understand whether the remarkable resistance of the grassland at BCCIL to climatic treatment has a genetic component.

Marie Chadburn, who is working on systematic reviews in conservation genetics in a Knowledge Exchange project funded by NERC. This project aims to make objective syntheses of the growing body of literature in conservation genetics so that key information can be communicated to conservation practitioners

Tim Lucas, who is collecting plants from populations of six species in the natural grassland at BCCIL exposed for 17 years to climatic manipulation. Specifically he is interested comparing populations on the drought and control plots to understand whether the differing environments of these treatments has resulted in adaptive differentiation in morphology.