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TAB Group meeting tomorrow postponed until September

Apologies for the short notice. We will not be having our group meeting tomorrow. I will rearrange for September.


Just a reminder about the fluoromter

 1) choice of excitation/emission

If using Hoechst dye in the test protocol set the Excitation at 350nm and the Emission at 460nm

For PicoGreen use 485 Ex. and 545 Em.

2) Dynamic range of the dye

Ensure that the DNA you are wanting to quantitate is within the dynamic range of the dye/concentration you are using and that the standard curve is linear within that range.


Postdoc in Anopheles population genomics.

A Research Assistant/Associate position is available in the lab of  
Austin Burt for population genomic analyses of the malaria vector  
Anopheles gambiae s.l. The post will involve analyses of population  
genomic datasets from full genome shotgun sequencing.  The position is  
funded by the FNIH through the Gates Grand Challenges in Global Health  
initiative and by the European Commission INFRAVEC project, and you  
will be a member of both these multi-disciplinary, multi-national  
teams developing genetic approaches to vector control. (For more  
detail, see 
 and The research topics to be addressed  
include patterns of gene flow across the genome both among different  
geographical locales and between molecular forms and subspecies in the  
same locale.  Time series analyses will also be explored.  The  
emphasis of the post will be on data analysis rather than data  

The post will be based in the Ecology and Evolution section at the  
Silwood Park campus of Imperial College London ( 
). It is a fixed-term position, available immediately until 31 August  
2013. Salary £26,720 – £38,930 per annum depending upon experience.

Candidates should hold a PhD degree (or equivalent level of  
qualification) in population genetics, evolutionary genetics, or a  
related field. You should have experience in molecular population  
genetic analyses, in dealing with large genetic datasets and/or data  
from modern sequencing machines, and with some form of programming.  A  
willingness to work effectively and flexibly within a multi- 
disciplinary team and to exercise initiative and judgment in carrying  
out research tasks are essential.

Informal enquiries should be addressed to Professor Austin Burt ( 

Our preferred method of application is online via 
. Alternatively, contact Diana Anderson at +44 20 7594 2207 or email

Closing Date: 31 August 2010


autoclaving again…

And of course…autoclaving also destroys damaging DNase and RNase. Of course I knew that but forgot to mention it…Hmmm…how to look stupid on an open forum 🙂

reduced autoclaving 20th Aug-20th Sept

…just to let you know that there will probably be reduced autoclaving capacity b/w these 2 dates (we will all ensure the store of tips is max. in the week beginning 16th Aug). I have been looking into whether autoclaving is really necessary and have come to the conclusion that on balance it is and I think we should continue to autoclave (to reduce growths of fungi/bacteria in your solutions but it does not destroy all DNA so don’t think that tips/solutions that have been autoclaved are DNA free- they may not be). See below if you are interested ‘Ancient’/LCN people be very afraid 🙂 

“Currently, the most effective method for decontamination appears to be autoclaving. Under standard conditions for autoclaving, DNA molecules are degraded into fragments of 20 to 30 base pairs. However, recent investigations with highly sensitive PCR analysis demonstrate that even after autoclaving larger DNA fragments can persist.”

Flat available from mid september to end of Jan


My landlady is looking for someone to sublet my flat whilst I’m on fieldwork. Its a two bedroom maisonette just down the road in Netherthorpe. Rent is only £350 a month plus elec/gas and phone. It will be available from Sept 10th until Jan31st. E-mail me if you are interested and I can send you the official advert with photos.



Speciation meeting

I am pleased to announce a one-day symposium  Evolution of reproductive isolation: models and empirical evidence, supported by Frontiers of Speciation (FroSpects). Speakers feature Nick Barton, Michael Turelli and Jim Mallet among others. It will take place in Prague, 11.10.2010.Two 20 minute talk slots and six 5 min poster-talks are available. We encourage especially graduate students and young researchers to submit an abstract. More information on the web: All the best, 

Jitka Polechova

curry update

hey we are going to mogul room in hunters bar for food at 7pm. later on we will assemble in the lescar just round the corner.

hope to see you there


Today:Lunch 12.30/Pétanque 1pm

As usual….

Message from the Alfred Denny Building’s Porters.

Here are the contact details if you require assistance from the Alfred Denny Building’s Porters.

tel    29261
mobile 07770620740
We are on duty from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday. If you wish speak to us, you can contact us at the desk or one our mobile which we carry while on duty. Alternatively you can drop us a line to our email account.

We are available for:

  • General enquiries
  • Mail and waste requests
  • Room setups
  • Furniture or large item moves
  • Reporting building maintenance jobs
  • Removal of confidential waste
  • Removal of large quantities for recycling

Thank you
Alfred Denny Porters