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Jacek Szymura visit

Jacek is visiting on Monday 12 July and giving a seminar (BMS Conf Rm at 2pm, see posters). If anyone would like to meet him and tak about phylogeography, population structure or toads, please let me know (



I have been playing around with a package in R that can bin microsatellite alleles. You can use raw output from genemapper (actual sizes of peaks) and the program will create bins using information about their frequency. It can provide some useful graphs that enable you to identify problematic markers. Here is an example of two markers – a good one and a bad one. You can see for TguEST46 the peaks fall into nice discrete categories, whereas for the marker TguGga13-017 the peaks do not form discrete clusters. The package is MSatAllele. If people are interested I could provide some code or we could go through it in B52. I think the graphics are very helpful and it is easier to bin alleles this way than in Genemapper.


Jess 🙂

Petanque at 1pm, Friday

Petanque at 1pm, Friday….all welcome!

Terry’s group meeting tomorrow is cancelled!

Apologies for the late notice!

I will reschedule and let you know the new date (week commencing 12/07).