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Images for posters and webpages please

Dear MolEcol lab members and visitors,

We can creating a new set of posters including hopefully a new joint lab poster and new Facility poster.

If you have any images which you have taken relating to your project (so you hold the copyright) which we can use on our websites and new posters please could you let me know or leave a copy in the folder “Images for posters” on Lightwood.

Thanks very much,


Postdoc and PhD positions in The Netherlands

Details here, but briefly they are with Marcel Visser on a project to study the impact of light pollution on animal and plant ecology.


Dear all,

I’ve now added a calendar which now shows within the old “meetings page” (3rd tab at the top right hand side of the page), now unimaginatively renamed “Calendar.”

If you have an event which you want promoting on this calendar, please let me know and I’ll insert it. It would be better if those events were relevant to the whole group or at least to members of one of the groups (Roger’s, Terry’s or Jon’s).

So, please don’t forget to check this calendar regularly! Thank you.

Group Picture 1pm, Weston Park Museum columns

Hi all,

we will be taking the picture of the whole Molecular Ecology Lab today at 1pm. This means it is a picture for all members of staff, students and visitors of Terry, Roger and Jon.  Followed by petanque if we don’t get blown away first!


Pétanque friday, 1PM

Lunch 12.30/Pétanque 1PM,

 It was french national day today + Ste Camille’s day, so I’m quite disappointed nobody organised me a surprise party, snif…I let you think about a way to catch up, maybe drinks in the interval on friday ev? a cake? sing french national song or wear french flag? or make good jokes? 

Thanks- Safety

Hi all- this morning we had an unannounced visit by the Head of Safety Services and the local Biological Safety Officer who were looking at general safety compliance, CoSHH and GMO regulations. They were impressed. For those of you who were in the lab at the time can I say a big thank you for as usual wearing fastened-up labcoats and conducting yourselves professionally and safely.

Thanks 🙂


lab issues

…a gentle message to remind you of a few things 🙂

1) please make a greater effort to tidy up after yourselves (sinks, fumehood, sequencer sink- + please only uncover formamide plates in the fumehood someone is continuing to uncover plates and cover them in foil Grrrrrrr!!!).

2) if the ‘phone rings in the labs please try to answer it if you can

 3) If Juan mentions the World Cup just ignore him and pretend that you didn’t know it was on and it hasn’t taken place since 1966.

Thanks 🙂


Hello everyone, if anyone has experience running ‘Colony2MacVersion’ on a Mac using Terminal or in R, can you please email me? I am learning this and could use a tutorial. Thanks 🙂

next TAB Group meeting – Monday 19th July, 10am, B52


Hi guys,
tomorrow: lunch in the park at 12.30 & Pétanque at 1PM
See you there!