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UCAS Open Day: Thursday 10th Dec 2-3pm (Tomorrow!)


Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be doing a UCAS demonstration in the Mol Ecol Lab, lasting for about 1 hour. This will be at the central entrance to the lab and I will need access to the sequencer room at this time.

It will get really busy (there are a lot of people coming tomorrow), so can I please please ask that you collect the plates/tips/septa/pipettes you need BEFORE 2pm tomorrow, and please try not to put plates on between 2 and 3pm. It’s a bit stressful giving the presentation and especially so when lab members are charging through large groups of students and parents… also people with benches around the sequencer, if you need somewhere quiet to work, you can use my lab bench (next to the PCR machines).

Thanks for your understanding!

Xmas Meal

I’ve added a comment to the earlier posting.

Drinks Tues 8th

I’m going for drinks at the Fat Cat ( after work tomorrow, for my birthday. Leaving work about 5.30 to walk down there for 6ish – they serve pub food 6-8pm and loads of local beers, would be great if you could join me.Your help is also requested to eat cake, at coffee – 10.30 in the locker room!

Thank you!


Just a quick small note to say a BIG thank you to everyone for my brilliant leaving presents, and to everyone who came to the party!

I’ve had a lovely time in Sheffield, and will miss you all very much.

There’s a card saying the same sort of thing in the lab.

Sophy xx

BeadExpress SNP genotyping system presentations *change of time and venue*

 *change of time and venue*

BeadExpress SNP genotyping system presentations now-

Wednesday 9th Dec
09:00-10:00 (B52)Presentation: Introduction to Illumina BeadXpress Technology

Friday 11th Dec
09:00-11:00 (B52) Presentation: Analyse data using GenomeStudio

Secrat Santa

If you want to play Secret Santa please add your name to the list in the lab or email me by Wed at the latest please.

Names will be ready to be picked out of the hat on Thurs/ Fri and pressies will be handed out at the xmas meal.


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Lab Christmas dinner! Thursday 17/12 Book by Tuesday 8/12

Dear all,

We have booked the Christmas dinner at the Fulwood Inn this year (30 seats reserved). There’s an offer of two 3-course-meals for £25!

I have put the menu on the white board next to the main entrance in the lab, so please put your name and dinner choice on the list by TUESDAY 8/12 5pm next week; they also require a £5 deposit, so please COME AND FIND ME also by TUESDAY 8/12 5pm in B71 office. This way, Terry can bring over the booking and deposits on his way home.

Thank you!

BeadExpress SNP geneotyping presentations- all welcome

Gareth Elvidge from Illumina will be here training a small no. of us up on the BeadExpress SNP genotyping system.  If you would like to attend the powerpoint presentations that he will be giving please just turn up to the following (I would encourage you all to attend if possible).

Tuesday 8th Dec
09:00-10:00 (Common Room)Presentation: Introduction to Illumina BeadXpress Technology

Thursday 10th Dec
09:00-11:00 (B52) Presentation: Analyse data using GenomeStudio


program that might be useful to people – Family-sim generates genotypes of individuals of known relatedness using pop allele freqs:

Pop Group

The deadline for registering to attend the Population Genetic Group Conference is 15th Decemeber.

It’s a friendly conference and held in Liverpool this year.