Monthly Archives: September 2009

TAB Group meetings while I’m away

Dear all,

I am away for a month from Friday 4th Sept 2pm and will be back on Tuesday 6th October.

The next TAB group meetings are on:

Friday 11/09 12 to 1.30. B52

Friday 25/09 10 to 11.30 Finlay Room.

I had booked B52 but there is the possibility of some group using th room as back up for their field work if the weather is too inclement.  So, please check if anyone is in B52 and feel free to use it if empty. Otherwise, Finlay room is free, cosy!

Remember, if you need a meeting with Terry, please use the sheet on his door to book yourself in on Monday afternoons.

Real Alternatives for NED™, PET® & LIZ® Dyes

New dyes as alternatives to NED, PET and LIZ produced by EurofinsMWGoperon and probably a lot cheaper. May be worth a look and maybe a trial. Check it out at