Monthly Archives: August 2009

Out of hours

Dear All,

I am thinking of coming in on Sunday (poss Saturday) but do not have out of hours access. I was wondering if there will be any one in (with access obviously) on the weekend who could let me in and will be here whilst I work. If the answer is “yes!” then please could you ask Andy for my email address and let me know?



PICNIC on friday


Dan is leaving for Aberdeen this weekend, and to say thanks he is going to bring some picnic things tomorrow (fri). We’ll head out to the park at 12.30, so come along if you like.


Geordie and Sarahs wedding

Dear all,

Geordie and Sarah are getting married on the 22nd.

If you would like to sign their card it will be in B71 near the phone until thurs 4.30pm. Please sign it by Thursday this week so we can take it with us to America.

If you can provide any photos that would be great – please email to Debs.

Thanks a lot.

Message from Deborah

I will be leaving Sheffield for a new position in the US on Friday, 14 August, and will be vacating my house on the 13th. I have a number of items acquired here that I cannot take and will be offering for sale to MolEcol group members (inexpensive): A 22″ digital LCD TV, Sony DVD player, microwave oven, two glass/metal computer desks, large folding table and chairs, two cloth/wood folding chairs and side table, queen size bed and mattress, floor lamp, two-seater sofa and chair, and other small items such as dishes, small kitchen appliances. If you might be interested in any of these items, please call me on 0783 589 9323.


Free range eggs

Hi all,

My chickens are laying a very large amount of eggs at the moment. If you don’t already get eggs from Andy and you would like some please contact me ( I am on holiday from next week for two weeks but will take orders for this week and when i come back. £1 for 1/2 dozen.



Mol Ecol Lab Meeting tomorrow

The next meeting will be 10-11am on Tuesday 4th August in B52.

Clemens Kuepper will present a talk on “Phylogeography of plovers”

Dan Mifsud will be talking about “Sexual isolation in the Jaera albifrons group of intertidal isopods