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trip to Celine’s allotment is on tonight (Wed 17th)

trip to Celine’s allotment is on tonight (Wed 17th)…weather  permitting (!!!)- just let me know if you would like to come and I can give you a lift.


trip to Celine’s allotment tonight (Wednesday)

Hi folks- I am going to Celine’s allotment tonight (8pm) I have 2 or 3 spaces left so can give you a lift. Anyone fancy it? Just let me know by 5.30.

Multiplex design software

Hi all,

A new program to help design PCR multiplexes has just been released.
Details here:

Be interesting to know how people get on with it.

NERC Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES)

This is a competition for postgrads and postdoc scientists where participants in teams of 4 to 5 devise a business plan for a fictitious company, based on theoretical science.

Closing date: 17/06/09

Prize: £1000

more info:

Download the poster: yes.doc

Comparative Genomics conference + summer school + workshop, August 09, St Andrews

1. Summer School – Bioinformatics and Comparative Genomics: 15-18th Aug, St Andrews. More info:

2. Comparative Genomics one-day international conference: 18th Aug, St Andrews

More information: ttp://

Confirmed speakers:

– Prof MARK BLAXTER, University of Edinburgh. “Comparative nematode genomics”.
– Prof GEOFF BARTON, University of Dundee. “A tale of three small RNAs”.
– Prof DANNIE DURAND, Carnegie Mellon University. “The evolution of multidomain families”.
– Prof NEIL HALL, University of Liverpool. “Fast forward genetics using second generation sequencing”.
– Dr MATTHEW HEGARTY, Aberystwyth University. “Genomic mergers: the consequences of hybridisation and polyploidy in Senecio”.
– Prof IAN KORF, University of California Davis Genome Center. “Intron mediated enhancement”.
– Dr DAVID MARTIN, University of Dundee. “Predicting protein function”.
– Dr ZEMIN NING, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. “Cancer genome assemblies and variation detection between normal and tumor human cells”.
– Prof ZIHENG YANG FRS, University College London. “Population genomics and human-chimpanzee speciation”.

3. Workshop – The Role of Behaviour in Speciation 19-22 Aug, St Andrews


Does anyone fancy two days voluntary fieldwork next week/break from the lab, to help me wrap up some plant sampling? If so, please let me know ( The work will be at a beautiful species-rich grassland near Buxton, and the weather will be great. Lifts to and from Sheffield can be arranged,



Sexual selection DPhil position with Tom Pizzari in Oxford

Start in  October 2009; application deadline 19/06/09

More detail, click on dphil-studentship.pdf

Birthday/Handing In Celebration- Wednesday

hey folks

It’s Lucy’s birthday, and Claire Felicity Rose Wordley and Helen will both have handed in their projects that they have been working on in the lab. To celebrate they will be going to Popolos, in Leopold square where there are deals on food and drink. i think it was £3.50 for pasta/pizza/risoto.

Please sign up on the white board so claire can book a table

see you then

Flora’s leaving do (friday 12th June B52 8.30- )

The cleaning staff and Hazel are having a bit of a do for Flora on Friday 12th from 8.30 am! I suggested to Hazel that the lab will arrive en masse at about 9am. Are there any other offers to bake a cake(s)? (I think Katie is going to do one but maybe she needs some help?).

 Any comments?

Terry’s group meeting this Friday 12 noon, B52

Dear all,

for staff, students and visitors of Terry’s. Baking volunteers, feel free!