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If you use Lightwood to be the storage drive for your backup software please ensure only your work files are being backed up and *NOT* your Operating System or personal files (iTunes, photos etc.).

We are now on 750GB on Lightwood (150GB of that being taken by Operating System backups). This costs the group over £1000 a year to service.

Please check that you are backing up correctly and if you are unclear then discuss with Gav or Chris Smith <>.

Higher Scientific Officer ornithology – Scottish Natural Heritage

Closing date is 26 May, and we will be interviewing on 10-11 June.  This is a permanent position, and offers a very good opportunity to work in a government conservation agency!

More details:

out of hours

…just to note that if you haven’t done an ‘out of hours’ course the Head of Dept. has said that you cannot work ‘out of hours’ (6pm-8pm and weekends and Bank holidays etc.). see message a couple below for how to enrol.

Out of hours course on Tuesday 26th May, 9am – 10.30 am

Out of hours course on Tuesday 26th May, 9am – 10.30 am in the common room (you NEED to have done this to be allowed in the building out of hours).

Confirm with me whether or not they will be attending (Hazel Basford <>)

Lucy White (should be Wright!)
Julia Schroeder
Khyne U Mar
Mohsen Vaez
Dan Mifsud

should be room for 3 more… Grainne- you should do this- just email Hazel.

Ice Machine is going to be repaired…

I saw this on the Department Newsletter and thought it might be relevant to lab members and visitors.

“The ice machine in C50 Autoclave Room will be taken away for essential repair week commencing 1st June for approx 5 days. Limited supplies will be available in Perak 3 but if you plan to use large volumes of flaked ice during this period it might be advantageous to bulk-up in freezers. ”

Perak 3 is really close to the lab; instead of going upstairs to the autoclave room as usual, just go past the toilets, through the double doors, and then up the small flight of stairs on the left… the lab is straight ahead and the ice-machine is just inside the door on the left hand side.

Tab lab meeting in Common Room Thursday 12-1

Tab lab meeting in Common Room Thursday 12-1. B52 was booked.

Reminder – Terry’s group meeting – Thursday 12 noon B52

Bakers requested!


‘Academic Careers Question Time’ workshop for PDRA

This is an opportunity for post-doctoral researchers and early career academics in Science/Engineering to gain useful information and advice about academic careers.

A panel of academics will be available to answer questions about pursuing an academic career.

Wednesday 20th May 2009; Meeting Room 1, New Spring House, 12.00 -1.30pm

Limited spaces available, so reserve your place using the Research Leaders’ Programme Booking Form at

RT-PCR talk Wed 13th May 10-11ish. B52.

Informal RT-PCR talk by Stuart Dennis Wed 13th May 10-11 (room booked ’till 11.30). B52. Everyone welcome. Stuart is going to explain the basics of RT-PCR, applications etc. etc.  For those of you (like me) who don’t really have a handle on RT-PCR this is for you :). Just turn up.

Raisin Curry!

Raisin is leaving us …AGAIN!  So we are heading to the Rajput for a farewell curry at 7.30 tonight.  Put your name on the TAB lab white board or let me know by lunchtime if you’d like to come.

Cheers Sophy