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Next TAB Group Meeting – This Friday (17/04) 12 noon, B52

the next group meeting is this Friday starting at 12. Any baking volunteers?!

easter nanaodrop

does anybody who is about over easter know what to do if the nanodrop keeps saying error 8013 cannot find peripheral monitor

if so could you let me know as i would like to use it to check some cdna


Accommodation required

Accommodation required for Dan Misfud for 3 months approx from the first week of May. Dan is a Facility visitor doing AFLPs. 

Please contact Dan directly if you can help =

“Mifsud, Daniel Vincent” <>

Application for blood sampling


I need to apply for a blood sampling permission of wild birds and the application is going to be reviewed by an ethics commission. Does somebody have a default template I could use?

Cheers, Clemens


Hi Everyone,

Lisa & I (and Sophie & Oliver) would like to say thanks for the lovely (and thoughtful) presents, the card and for helping us have such a great time on Friday at the Dam House. It’s a real wrench to be leaving Sheffield, and to be honest we’ve been so busy that the whole thing seems quite unreal. We are going to miss you all, and Sheffield will always be very special to us. Of course we might be back again later in the Summer, in which case we will see you all again soon. If not, then we’ll be sure to let you know how to find us down under. Take care & stay in touch!

Jake, Lisa, Sophie & Oliver

TAB Group Meeting – Today 12 B52

apologies for the late reminder: today group meeting from 12 to 1.30pm.



REMINDER: Mol Ecol Lab Meeting, Tues April 7th, 10am

I’m sure you won’t have forgotten, but just in case, the next lab meeting is this Tuesday (7th), 10-11am in B52. The talks are:

Susan Johnston:  Fine-mapping the Horns locus in the Soay sheep of St Kilda

Sophy Allen: Bottlenecked birds and blood parasites

Please email me with any news/papers

Jake and Lisa’s lunch

Hi Everyone,

I’ve booked a table at the Dam House for lunch tomorrow. They have requested that we pre-order our meals. Could I ask those of you that are coming to write your preference next to your name on the whiteboard in the lab (or just email me) by about 4pm today (Thurs).

A copy of the menu is stuck on the whiteboard in the lab, and you can view it here –