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hi folks

thinking of going bowling after work on monday 20th october. let me know if you fancy it and il book a lane.


Social event: Jarvis Cocker

A few of us are going to see Jarvis Cocker at the Carling Academy on Tues 25th Nov. Tickets are still available (standing in stalls, so if anyone else wants to come along please do!

Plant help needed on Thursday!!!

4+ volunteers needed b/w approx. 10-12 and 2-4 to help Maria-Elena and myself harvest some plants in the Annexe (each person need only do 2 hours but more would be great!). It is a bit of a boring job but is really necessary to try and recover some data from the plants that got overheated.

If any of you can put down what you are doing and give a hand that would be great. Let me/Maria-Elena know ASAP in the morning (full training will be given!!).

Papers from the lab

Thanks to Robert and Kang-Wook for their talks today!


The 2 papers mentioned in the meeting were:


AMANDA BRETMAN, DEBORAH A. DAWSON, GAVIN J. HORSBURGH, TOM TREGENZA. 2008. New microsatellite loci isolated from the field cricket Gryllus bimaculatus characterized in two cricket species, Gryllus bimaculatus and Gryllus campestris. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8, 1015-1019.


R. BURRI, S. ANTONIAZZA, F. SIVERIO, Á. KLEIN, A. ROULIN, L. FUMAGALLI. 2008. Isolation and characterization of 21 microsatellite markers in the barn owl (Tyto alba). Molecular Ecology Resources, 8, 977-979.

Reminder: Mol Ecol Lab Meeting TODAY

in B52 at 10:30am! Robert and Kang-Wook will be presenting their work, so please come along.

Amy has handed in her thesis :)

Hey folks

Today Amy has printed out and handed in her thesis. Due to an overwhelming sense of relief she has fled the building, but promises to be back tomorrow. People are thus invited to join her for a drink or several after work tomorrow (Tuesday 7th) 5pm onwards in the interval.

Accommodation wanted

Julie Scholes has a Mexican postgrad student (Rodrigo) arriving in Sheffield next 
week (Wednesday 8th October).  He doesn't have any accomodation.   Has anyone got a 
spare room that Rodrigo could rent on a temprary or longer term basis. 
If any one can help please reply to

CICS courses – Matlab etc…

See below from a message about courses run by from CICS:

“Corporate Information and Computing Services provide a range of training courses, enabling researchers to use high performance and grid computing facilities at local, regional and national levels.

A number of courses are available, covering the following areas:

* Getting started with High Performance Grid Computing
* Application development using C, FORTRAN or Matlab
* Parallel Computing using MPI, OpenMP and Matlab
* Data Visualisation using Matlab and IBM Open Data Explorer

Timetables and details for the courses may be found at the following link:
Registration for courses is easy – simply go to the following web page
Subject to availability, the courses are open to all researchers. Optionally, graduate researchers may register for courses through the Research Training Programme (RTP) and gain credits for their research degrees.

The next series of RTP courses commence on the 13th of October, 2008.”

Who’s locker?…not me!

…yes I now know that ‘Who’s locker?’ should be ‘Whose locker?’ – I fink, itt: iz cuz I dont no ow too-uze inglish gramer an spelin propper liek 🙂

accommodation wanted 6th Oct-

Richard Black is returning to the lab and is looking for some accommodation from 6th Oct- for  “several weeks”. Does anyone have a room? Email him directly on