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New paper on bird cross-species microsatellite amplification

Hi all,

Craig Primmer’s group have just published a nice paper on cross-species amplification of 86 zebra finch EST-microsatellites.
Details are here:

I know that some of you will be interested in these markers.
The appendix lists the GenBank IDs of all markers tested, so you should be able to compare their findings with the loci described in our BMC Genomics 2007 paper as well as with any loci you have tested (there will almost certainly be overlap of loci).

Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tues 4th Nov @ 10:30

The next Mol Ecol Lab Meeting will be on Tues 4th Nov at 10:30am in B52, when Amy Llewellyn and Jess Stapley will be telling us about their work.

Peregrine falcons on Arts Tower

Just a tip off to you birders there that a peregrine falcon(s) have been seen on the top of the Arts Tower (and apparently scoffing a pigeon in the car park- although that sighting was not from an ornithologist).

Webcam in B71c

Dear all,

we have invested in a webcam, to use in conjunction with skype.  It is stored in B71c, next to the skype mike.

Please write down your name on the notepad when you borrow it so we know where it is.  The driver will need to be installed on the computer you are using (please use within the office, not at home).


Message from Debs – publishing of primer notes in Molecular Ecology Resources

NB: All PGR Note submissions received after December 31st 2008 will not be
printed in Molecular Ecology Resources as individual papers. Instead, each
issue will carry a 'microattribution' article announcing the primers developed
for each organism. This change will allow groups that develop primers to
receive recognition whilst simultaneously permitting Molecular Ecology
Resources to continue its development into a leading methods journal for
ecology and evolutionary biology. In these articles, the first author will be
listed as "Molecular Ecology Resources Consortium", and contributing authors
will be listed in alphabetical order thereafter. An example paper can be found . The text of the PGR Note itself will
be made available on the Molecular Ecology Resources Primer database at, where it will be directly linked to the
database entry for loci themselves.

ASAB Christmas Conference 4-5 Dec 08, London

Maternal Effects: Evolution, physiology and implications for health and fitness.

for more info:

Terry’s Group Meeting – 16/10, 11.30-1pm, Finlay Room

Dear all,

the next meeting will be on Thursday  16th October (next week) in the Finlay Room, at a slightly changed time of 11.30.

MGF visitors, L4, new postgraduate students also welcome.

Mouldy plants

Just to say thanks to all the volunteers who helped Maria Elena this week – it’s much appreciated!


a bit more info on Popgroup

Registration is now open for the Population Genetics Group Meeting 2008 which will take place at Cardiff University between 16th and 19th December. PopGroup is an informal meeting which brings together scientists working in population genetics and evolutionary biology, mainly, but by no means exclusively, from the United Kingdom and other European countries. All areas of evolutionary biology are covered and talks and posters from early career scientists are encouraged. Talk slots are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please visit the PopGroup website: to find out more.

Additional information will become available over the next few weeks – informal inquiries can be made to the conference email address – or to Mike Bruford (

Are you going to PopGroup (16-19 Dec, Cardiff)?

Ian, Kang-Wook, Alain and I are planning to go to PopGroup. Roger is looking into alternative accomodation, so please could you email me ( if you are planning to attend PopGroup so we can get an idea of numbers.