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Job opportunity

a message from Simon Creer, Senior Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, University Wales.

“I’d be grateful if you could bring the attached job opportunity to the attention of your labs and potential Post Doctoral researchers that would be interested in pursuing a six-month NERC PostDoc on “Linking 454 DNA and morphological taxonomy with meio- and macrobenthic biodiversity of the estuarine ecosystem”.

A link to the job and full details can be found here:

Si Creer
Senior Research Fellow
Molecular Ecology and Fisheries Genetics Lab
School of Biological Sciences
University Wales, Bangor
LL57 2UW

Challenges in Speciation Programme


Dear all,

here is the provisional programme for the conference organised by Roger and held in Sheffield next week, 15-17 September 2008. It is now too late to register but you are welcome to sit in on the talks (although you won’t be able to join in the refreshments / meals).

Broken car

Can anybody recommend a good local garage I could get my car fixed at? It needs a new clutch cable or something.

Please email me if you have any suggestions:

Thanks very much


Volunteer needed for 30 mins today

Hi all,

We have a UCAS open day today and all of our usual demonstrators (Susan, Katie, Jamie) are away. Is anyone willing to step into the breech at short notice? It will take 30 mins of your time, and I can go through what is involved in advance.

It would be *much* appreciated,


fake phylogeny

hi folks

does anyone know of the top of their heads, who it was that made up a whole bunch of organisms and what they were called and you could make up any evolutionary tree you wanted near enough from their characteristics?



…just to let you all know I am top of the blog league with 22 posts 😉

Voluntary field assistant – Panama (5th Sept deadline)

         Are you excited by the idea of fieldwork in tropical forests?

         Are you keen to learn more about mammal diversity and behaviour?

         Are you interested in working with cutting-edge technology?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this is an exciting opportunity for you to build your experience. We’re looking for a volunteer field worker to assist with surveys of forest mammals on Barro Colorado Island, the world famous ecological research site in Panama, run by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. As a long-term resident, you will become part of this vibrant ecological research community.


Your primary role will be to survey a wide range of mammal species (peccaries, agoutis, ocelots, coatis and more) using camera traps. These devices automatically and discretely record passing animals, making it possible to obtain information on otherwise invisible species. Activities will include:

         regularly moving cameras to new locations

         downloading and managing photographs

         managing a database of information from the cameras

         running data summaries and simple analyses

Training will be provided, so no previous experience is required. However, experience of tropical field work, camera trapping and/or data base management would be an advantage.


You must be physically fit, be able to start work by the end of September 2008, and stay until January 2009 (precise dates to be discussed). The project will pay for your travel and living expenses.

 To apply or get more details, send a CV to Marcus Rowcliffe, or call 020 7449 6223. Given the imminence of the preferred appointment date, expressions of interest should be received by 5 September.

TAB LAB meeting – tomorrow Friday 5th 12 to 1.30pm

Hi all,

the next TAB lab meeting is tomorrow. Please note the change of time to 12.

Still in B52. For MGF Visitors as well.

Tony Turner (temp. technician) in MSJ/Rhonda’s lab is looking for acommodation  from now until the end of January. If you have anything suitable for him could you email him on or go ansd see him.

Teaching position in Behaviour

Andrew Maccoll from Nottingham University is looking for someone who could teach some second and third year behaviour classes.

He needs to find someone quickly (preferably for October or November). It is likely to be for either just a few months, or possibly for a couple of years.

The bulk of the teaching would be a second year animal behaviour course and Chris Barnard’s old third year evolution and behaviour seminars course. All the teaching materials are ready to go. There would also be some project student supervision and possibly tutorials.

Contact: Andrew Maccoll,

from an email sent to Ben Hatchwell on 29/08/08.