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Mol Ecol Lab Meeting: Tuesday Oct 7th

The next Mol Ecol Lab meeting will be on Tues Oct 7th 10:30-11:30, B52, when Robert and Kang-Wook will present their work.

TAB LAB Meeting today 12 – Finlay room

Hi all,

a reminder that we meet in Finlay room today as B52 is not available.

ABI seminar on the SOLID system – 21st Oct

Please see below for amessage from Franco Di Giovine who is organising the meeting.

“here is the URL for registration to the ABI seminar on the SOLID system for high-throughput sequencing and transcriptome analysis. The link will go live later today.

The meeting will take place on the 21st Oct in the Conference Rooms at the Kroto Institute, approx 09:30 to 15:30. There will be talks from three specialist speakers from Forster City (home of ABI HQ), and from two SOLID users from the UK

Please register a.s.a.p because, being one of two UK venues, it may be getting quite busy with participants from other Universities and Research Centers.”
Franco di Giovine –

Qiagen PCR Multiplex soln

Just to let everyone know the Qiagen PCR multiplex soln is at long last now in the lab.

ABI Training – THURSDAY 18th*******Andy gave wrong date

ABI are here training us on the 3100 on THURSDAY 18th, TOMORROW! 10am start.

There is a spare place if anyone is interested please see Andy on Wednesday.

 The fellow should be able to answer any fragment/sequencing analysis questions also…

Free GIS training at the University

See the info below from Diane Palmer or access the Flyer.

“My aim is to provide tailored Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tuition and research support to postgraduates, research and academic staff, on an individual basis. I adapt learning materials and support to meet each person’s interests. I will also be available to advise as GIS is then applied to specific research projects. Prior knowledge of GIS is not expected! Some basic computer skills e.g. Excel or Access would be an advantage.

The training I have prepared requires approximately 5 x one-and-a-half hour essions with the tutor (myself), plus approximately 30 minutes to one hour’s private practice in between sessions. However, it isn’t necessary to study to this level. Simple and effective maps can be produced after just a couple of sessions. I can also offer advanced training to anyone who would find this helpful to their work.

Time and frequency of learning can be organised according to individual preference. I’m also happy to organise half-day or full day sessions for individuals or small groups (2-3 persons) if this is more convenient to
people’s timetables. There is a choice of software available.

In the last 2 years I have had over 90 trainees. Their topics have been diverse, including criminology, disaster analysis, disease, environment, engineering, health and deprivation, migration and politics.

Please see my website for examples of what GIS actually is and for further details of training opportunities:

I am based on the third floor in the ICOSS building. To arrange training please contact or telephone 0114 222 8388. “

Job advert – SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE – UEA – Telomeres

Dear all,

see Information and more details from David Richardson.

Closing date: 12 GMT on 26 September 2008.


Next TAB Group meeting…

…will be next Friday (19th) from 12 noon, for MGF visitors, staff and students.

The location will be the Finlay room on C floor as B52 is not free…

Challenges in Speciation Programme

Dear all,

here is the latest version of the programme for next week’s conference (15-17 September) held in Sheffield and organised by Roger. As mentioned before, it is now too late to register but you are welcome to sit in on the talks (although you won’t be able to join in the refreshments / meals).


Volunteer field assistant needed

David Richardson is looking for a volunteer field assistant, please see his email below and the attachment (berthelots_pipit_assistant_ad1.pdf) for further details:

I am looking for a volunteer with some ringing experience to help a PhD student catch birds across the Canary, Selvagens and Madeiran archipelagos as part of a project investigating Host-parasite co-evolution in birds.  We need someone for three months from early January and would cover flights and accommodation. I would be grateful if you could bring the attached job advert to the attention of anyone who you would deem suitable, or please print it out and put it up on relevant notice boards.


Thanks for your help


Hope to see or hear from you all soon



Dr. David S. Richardson

School of Biological Sciences,

University of East Anglia,

Norwich NR4 7TJ