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Hi all

We are going to have two new visitors in September (mid-september), and they are looking for accommodation. Monica is a spanish girl working on Littorina at the university of Vigo (Spain) and she is going to be in the TAB lab from 15 Sept-15 Dec working with Roger. So, she needs a room for those 3 months. Johan ( is going to be based in the TAB lab for two years as a Marie Curie postdoc, also working on Littorina with Roger. He is looking for a room too from mid-september. 

Can you pass this on… cheers

if you have something available or you know of someone please contact me (



hey folks

to celebrate being slighlty older i’m planning on a bbq/drinks afternoon/evening on saturday 9th august (say 4pm onwards) after i return from field work. as its august the weather will of course be perfect for bbq. i only get back on friday so wont be able to change plans close to the time, but if its really rubbish then maybe grab a curry instead.

all welcome, if you want my address/phone number please email me


Technician post

Dear all – Ken Wilson at Lancaster has asked me to pass on the following job ad.

Here it is (attached, I hope): Lancaster Technician Post

Brian the snail- colony picking tool

Have a look at this amazing colony picking tool that a rep bought in yesterday- there is a nice video on the website. It is about £500 which is the only drawback I can see (should be able to bleach and re-use the spikey pickers- 96 or 384 formats).

Makes me wonder whether something similar would be useful for cherry picking DNA from plates (?)

House sitter wanted – August

From Virpi:


I am going away for the whole of August and need someone to live in my house and
look after my plants and fish (not a big job but requires close to daily visits
from someone). I will take all my dogs with me! No rent needed as long as you
cover the gas, electricity etc bills. It is a 3-bedroom Victorian terraced with
a sunny garden in Hillsborough, 1 minute walk from the tramline (10 mins from
APS), close to shops, pubs and park, and coming with telly, internet and all
the furniture. Moving in already before August is possible.


Dr. Virpi Lummaa
Department of Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield
Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN
United Kingdom

tel. +44 (0)114 222 0051
fax. +44 (0)114 222 0002

Passerine genome

Forwaded to you all…

From: “Robert Ekblom” <>

First assembly of the Zebra finch genome came out yesterday!


UCAS Open Days

Hi Everyone! Katie and I will be doing UCAS Demonstrations between 2 and 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. We would really appreciate if everyone can avoid using the sequencer room at this time (it is fine to have plates running so long as you put them in before 2pm) and perhaps try and keep the benches next to the sequencer room free (where Catherine, Alain, Camille etc. sit).

It is fine to work at the computers and if anyone needs a temporary lab bench for the afternoon, you can use mine, it’s the one next to the PCR machines with the magnetic crab on it.


Dear all,

Yesterday’s pound goes to Katie for Richardo Ricco. But who cares? LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG…

In the overall standings, Jake is leading. If you appear to have a strange position compared to yesterday, that is probably due to a mistake I made. Sorry about that, but of course I hurry to get this done in under 5 mins every day

TDF sweepstake

Well done to Britain and to Mark Cavendish for a stage win. Brian gets a pound. Philine loses Soler from her team. Jake’s still leading overall.

Jake     53.83333333

Philine 69.5

Otti      73.5

Catherine         75.41666667

Carole  77.54545455

Suzie   78.41666667

Gavin  84.33333333

Katie   92.41666667

alain     94.75

Sophie 97.75

Dorotha           102

Brian   103.8333333

Juan     111.4545455

Hannah            112.3333333

Jamie   114.5833333

Windows XP bug

The latest Windows XP updates appear to be causing random network problems. If you  have issues, you can uninstall the suite of updates issued last night (through system restore) and wait until a patch is issued to fix this. However – most probably that means you have no internet and won’t be able to see this!