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Saskia’s Leaving Meal – Tonight!

Hello everyone,

You may know that Saskia handed in her thesis on Friday, hurrah! She will be going back to Belgium on Wednesday, so she is organising a leaving do this evening.

Dinner tonight at 7:30pm at Jaflong. (182 Northfield Road in Crookes, if you want to go their directly).

We will meet at the interval before and start to walk there at 7pm.

Saskia will be at the interval around 6pm, if you want to go earlier just gather up the troops.

Please email Saskia if you would like to come for dinner so that she can book a table ( )

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!


Formamide/Hi Dye Aliquoits

Just a minor request…

If you return partially used Formamide aliquoits to freezer box, can you please check and mark clearly the remaining volume in the tube. Today was the second occasion where I found the aliquoit I was using was not at its expected volume.

Also, please don’t return aliquoits where size standard e.g. ROX has already been added

Thanks 🙂

St Kilda – Volunteers needed in August!

The St Kilda Soay sheep project is looking for volunteers for the annual summer catch. This is an ideal opportunity to gain field experience in large mammal research and to visit St Kilda, which is a dual world heritage site and also the remotest part of the British Isles – see,_Scotland for information. It really is a once in a lifetime experience!

The expedition departs from Edinburgh on Thurs 6 Aug, and returns around Sat 22 Aug. Travel is by minibus and ferry to Leverburgh (Isle of Harris) and then a 3 hour high-speed boat journey to St Kilda. It doesn’t cost anything to take part, and all food and accommodation is provided. Despite having no permanent residents, there is also a very cheap pub on the island, called the ‘Puff Inn’, as well as millions of seabirds, a few radar station staff, and lots and lots of sheep.

The main requirements are:

– You are available for the full time period;
– You must be fit, the terrain is demanding and you will be doing a lot of running around,
– You have a background in Biological Sciences.

If you are interested, text or leave a message with Josephine Pemberton on 07973 315523; if you want to know more details first, email me:

If you know someone who would be interested (maybe people who are graduating this summer?), then please pass this information on.


Ice Machine is going to be repaired…

I saw this on the Department Newsletter and thought it might be relevant to lab members and visitors.

“The ice machine in C50 Autoclave Room will be taken away for essential repair week commencing 1st June for approx 5 days. Limited supplies will be available in Perak 3 but if you plan to use large volumes of flaked ice during this period it might be advantageous to bulk-up in freezers. ”

Perak 3 is really close to the lab; instead of going upstairs to the autoclave room as usual, just go past the toilets, through the double doors, and then up the small flight of stairs on the left… the lab is straight ahead and the ice-machine is just inside the door on the left hand side.


Every year we have students visiting the Molecular Ecology Lab as part of the UCAS open day tours.

As part of this, some of us (Katie, Susan, Ian, Emily, Jamie) do several short presentations using the ABI 3730 computer.

Therefore, this is a polite reminder that the ABI 3730 sequencer room is *OUT OF BOUNDS* for loading plates and retrieving data between 2-3pm on the following days:

Tuesday Jan 27th (Tomorrow!)
Tuesday Feb 3rd
Thursday Feb 5th
Tuesday Feb 10th
Thursday Feb 12th
Tuesday Feb 17th
Thursday Feb 19th
Tuesday March 3rd
Tuesday March 10th

PLEASE NOTE: it is fine to have plates running during this time, but make sure that they are loaded BEFORE 2pm. You will have to wait until after 3pm to collect your data.

The Open Day events are run on a very tight schedule and it is important that as little disruption occurs for everyone involved. We would also be very grateful if you keep the entrance to the lab and the sequencer room clear.

UCAS Open Days

Hi Everyone! Katie and I will be doing UCAS Demonstrations between 2 and 3pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. We would really appreciate if everyone can avoid using the sequencer room at this time (it is fine to have plates running so long as you put them in before 2pm) and perhaps try and keep the benches next to the sequencer room free (where Catherine, Alain, Camille etc. sit).

It is fine to work at the computers and if anyone needs a temporary lab bench for the afternoon, you can use mine, it’s the one next to the PCR machines with the magnetic crab on it.