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Tenure track Assist Prof job in Stockholm

Chris Wheat (Stockholm) has brought this tenure track post to my attention – blurb here: Advert Evoldir_Assistant Prof 13 aug

2 year postdoc on Drosophila epigenetics

Klaus Reinhardt (Dresden) has a two year postdoc position on genetics and epigenetics of Drosophila. Details here: bioinformatics_Pop_gen_tudaz.

PhD opportunity with Joe Hoffman (Bielefeld, Germany)

Dear all
Joe Hoffman has a (well-paid) PhD position advertised.
Details are here: CACHE readvertisement 27_02_15

Note that Joe would like somebody in place by May.

Postdoc on butterfly genomics with Chris Wheat (Stockholm)

Chris Wheat has a postdoc position advertised.
Details are here: POSTDOC_announce_2015

Postdoc with Barbare Tschirren (Zurich)

See attached advert – project is working on genetics of maternal effects.

Postdoc GeneticsMaternalEffects


PhD studentships with Simon Goodman (Leeds)

Simon Goodman ( has asked me to bring these PhD positions to folks’ attention.

Three separate PhD projects are available with my group in the School Biology, University of Leeds, UK, for UK and EU students.

1. Ecological Genomics of UK and European Bats. NERC-DTP funded project, closing date 2nd Feb 2015. More details here:

2. Emerging infectious diseases (flexible topic, disease ecology/evolutionary genomics of disease vectors). University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarships. Closing date 29th January 2015. More details here:

3. Biological and socio-political factors affecting the conservation of the Caspian Seal. NERC-DTP funded project in collaboration with George Holmes, School of Earth & Environment, closing date 2nd Feb 2015. More details here:

Some recent papers on RADSeq

Hi all,
Mol Ecol have just published a couple of letters/comments discussing various forms of bias in different RADSeq methods.
They are here:
and here:

The review article (actually a meeting review) they refer to is here:

Peregrine chicks

Those of you interested in the peregrines nesting on St Georges church/lecture theatre might want to check out the webcam today. Apparently the first chick hatched overnight (although it is currently obscured by the adult on the eggs), and the rest should hatch later today.

Useful software?

Hello all
The latest issue of Mol Ecol Resources has a paper describing a new program that looks useful.

Detsex is apparently able to identify chromosome type (autosome, sex chromosome, mtDNA etc) and individual sex from marker data.
I don’t know any more about it than that, but it looks handy.


Room required for visitor to Beckerman lab

Andrew Beckerman has a PhD student from Chile visiting his group. They will come in Feb, for around 3 months, and are looking for accommodation. If anyone can help, please drop Andrew a line (
Many thanks