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Spare room Dec – Feb

Two MRes students from Silwood, Sophie and Filipa, will be visiting the lab for a couple of months to work on the sparrow project and are in need of accommodation. They’ll be starting in the lab on 5th December. If you might be able to help, please let me know. Thanks!

Natalie   (

Mol Ecol Meeting 2nd Feb

The first Molecular Ecology lab meeting of 2016 will take place on Tuesday February 2nd at 11:30 am in the common room, D floor, Alfred Denny Building. This month we will hear from Issie Winney and Mirre Simons.

Issie will speak about The heritability of promiscuous behaviour

“Males and females of many species mate promiscuously, i.e. with multiple partners. Controversy exists over whether mating promiscuously is beneficial for both sexes, since growing empirical evidence suggests that females can suffer costs from multiple mating without receiving fitness benefits. My research uses a pedigreed population of wild house sparrows to test whether sexually antagonistic selection might be the cause: one sex driving evolution of the other sex through a common genotype.”

Mirre will speak about Understanding the biology of ageing through the demography of death

“The biology of ageing is crucial to understanding life-history trade-offs and has clear biomedical relevance. Studying the actual physiology of ageing is however notoriously difficult. A solution is to study the ultimate consequence of ageing: death. How mortality changes with age is as close as we can currently get to the elusive physiology of ageing. I will explain why I choose to study this phenotype and will show you recent work on this topic from three meta-analyses and my future plans using flies.”

Don’t just sit there, interact! Building interactive exploratory data apps with shiny and plotly in R

Anna Krystalli’s talk slides are now available online, including links to some great resources and tools for data management and visualisation:

Norwegian blue tit reality TV

Nest cams with a difference! The birds have furnished “apartments” and a “cafe”:

Lab Christmas Meal!

Christmas is coming! Time for the most important decision you’ll make this year… Your food choice for the Molecular Ecology Lab Christmas Meal!

This year, by popular demand, the meal will be at the Scotsman’s Pack in Hathersage, at 2pm on Friday 13th December.

Transport will be by train or bus, or you’re welcome to make your own arrangements. We’ll send out a more detailed travel plan nearer the time. For now, we just need your food choices by Friday 29th November 🙂

The menus – one for Christmas food and two for standard pub food (inc. veggie options) – can be perused by the central doors in the lab, or in the coffee room.

Please write down your choices on the list in the lab, or if you’re away, just email

Lastly, making a come back this year will be Secret Santa! Please let us know whether you’d like to take part, along with your food choices, by Friday 29th November.

Christmassy wishes!

Natalie & Katy

Terry’s group meeting – tomorrow 2-3 pm in B52

Genemapper for Windows 7

Hi all,  I’m having trouble installing Genemapper v3.7 on a laptop with Windows 7.  If anyone has any hints on how to do this, please let me know!

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